Barisal, Bangladesh tornado wiped out 6 grams

টর্নেডোর আঘাতে বড়দুলালি গ্রামের জলিল খানের বসতঘরের চাল উড়ে গিয়ে এভাবেই গাছেন ডালের সাথে আটকে থাকে








Gournadi upazila of Barisal on Sunday night, a sudden tornado Barthi Union six villages have been wiped out. <span title=”টর্নেডোতে ওইসব গ্রামের প্রায় অর্ধশতাধিক ঘরবাড়ি বিধস্ত হয়ে কমপক্ষে ১৫জন আহত হয়েছে।

“>Almost a century houses in the village of those tornadoes bidhasta At least 15 people were injured.

After about an hour on the Dhaka-Barisal highway trees of all types of traffic on the highway was closed. The Rural Electrification Association of Barisal 33 KV lines, and a variety of 3 0 of the electric filler broken off, cut off the power supply to the transformer is out of order. <span title=”অংসখ্য গাছপালা ও পানবরজের ব্যাপক ক্ষয়ক্ষতি হয়েছে।

“>Ansakhya trees and causing extensive damage panabarajera said.

However, on Sunday night at eight o’clock katakasthala Barthi Union, goraksadoba, baradulali, tamrakupi, bauragati north, west through the village bauragati sudden tornado caused extensive damage to two minutes. Bajlur tornado union member would rasidadera motor home motor home cooking amdhapaka 5 and cowsheds, and 5 more houses are bidhasta. These village houses and at least 15 others were injured after gachacampa. <span title=”আহতদের মধ্যে তারেক মাঝি, কালিপদ মজুমদার, অমল মজুমদার, মৃত্যুঞ্জয় রায়, সুবল দাস ও নিরঞ্জন মন্ডলকে চিকিৎসা দেয়া হয়েছে।

“>Fabric injured Majhi, Kalipada Majumdar, Amol Mazumdar, Mrityunjoy judgment, Subal Das and Niranjan Mondal has been treated.

Gournadi zonal offices of the Rural Electrification Association II Barisal Deputy General Manager Md Fazlul Haque, has been a big loss of power during the storm. The main lines of 33 KV and two broken pillars. He tore a variety of areas as opposed to the more 0. Two transformers were damaged. The zonal offices in those areas under the electricity is disconnected. <span title=”৩৩ কেভির লাইন মেরামত করে রাত দুইটার দিকে উপজেলা সদরে বিদ্যুৎ সচল করা হয়।

“>At two o’clock at night on 33 KV power line repairs are active.

Khairul Alam said a member of the ward kiddie Barthi Union, tarnodote six houses in the village are almost a century, and hundreds of homes were partially damaged. <span title=”এছাড়া ওইসব গ্রামের প্রায় অর্ধশতাধিক পানচাষীর পানবরজ বিনষ্ট হয়েছে।

“>In addition, these villages have been destroyed panabaraja panacasira than a century.

Gournadi Chief Executive Officer Mohammad Mahbub Alam, visited the affected areas is underway to determine the amount of damages.