Many people think that pregnancy is a natural process that. However, it is not unusual that it can not be called as normal. However, like the mother’s physical and mental preparation for the first pregnancy. Best of both husband and wife also prastatii. Most garbhadharanai our country each year are unplanned, and for many of the newly born child when her mother died, and many types jatilatai is being read. According to the first pregnancy for the mother’s health and a lot of preparation to make sure if it would be possible to reduce the number of complicated cases.

Whether or not suitable for the age of the mother before pregnancy will have to think about. 0 under the age of 35 years and above in both cases much higher risk of complications. Would be useful to see whether the weight of the mother’s pregnancy. Less weight and more weight if you try to be accurate. Nutrition and regular physical activity and healthy eating habits need to try to build. A mother always have to keep away from stress. A mother’s health during pregnancy to make sure they are a lot of important issues. Alcoholism or smoking should be discarded before.
For example, if you use birth control pills, injections Copper T and consultation with doctors before pregnancy to know how they will have to leave at will.

However, the exact age of the newly matabeka too late if the husband and wife do not plan to have children within two to three years is good.
Hepatitis B vaccination or any other if you wish to bring before you a good at. Folic acid before pregnancy began to eat much of the birth of a disabled child can be prevented.
If you have diabetes and high blood pressure, thyroid problems and asthma or heart disease would be ready before the physician’s advice. Ask your doctor which drugs and which would continue to change.and dead children without child labor or any earlier due to congenital problems that he himself had warned of a repeat of the place. Remember that if your blood type and what complications could be negative or accept the doctor’s advice about how to deal with it. During pregnancy, a woman, her husband and the husband of the time spent by his side as much as possible to keep his wife happy joy. And one of the things you might notice and healthy pregnancy for the mother to give birth to a child will be a lot easier.