Dar salakake bimula happy to see if they are still salaka samparkatei gone before. The wedding was his friendship with bimula Schalke. <span title=”বিমুল দা আর বিরেন দার মধ্যে বন্ধুত্য সম্পর্কতাই আসতে আসতে তাদের কে আপন সম্পর্কে বেধে ফেলে ।

“>The Biren bimula and friendless in Dar samparkatai come up to them with his left.

The salakera bimula Mr syamake introduced me to him. Last night’s dinner was a feast.
The oseka bimula careful to stay up all night, so there is little tea or coffee and a light system would nasta
Now that night there will be tea, tea is very good and I could have done so bimula the middle of the night, the night of tea and coffee and light breaks gave me dayatbata became unemployed.
<span title=”আমি চটফট চলে গেলাম এই এরেজমেন্টের জন্য ।

“>I went cataphata for the erejamentera.

The longer and more massive. Sam mile, they both take us throughout the night, which aparesane was ready.
The husband came and asked dake bimula of Biren babu tonight is whether any operation.We all three nights hartara subhala servant to search for the secret of his home run an investigation. I’m going with you, what besata Jamai Babu tahole taholeta going to be nice to you, O oseka balicha no longer add another Holo Holo Mr Shyam well with me. Another said: Yes, sir, I did not understand the meaning of oseka Hey Biren said oseka tahole will be nice to be with us throughout the night four people to understand them better, sir.
Mr. and then all of us had to go. Four out of nine o’clock at night when the house sat subhala uddeche servant.Dar subhala servant of the house to go home about an hour rasta. The site of the car I am Mr Shyam pasbera statinnge his car back together we dikataya two sita car running and all of a sudden in the middle of a liquor store in the eyes of Dar rastaya Biren Biren suddenly stop the car a bit of a dake said Biren stopped the car from the same liquor Store two bottles of wine
The car started to run again and bought a house in front of the car and placed directly subhala servant.
Will continue