Refuse to give up the sun in the midst of the sea currents of the rules every day.
I applied caiye good base to go visit him.
No matter the moon or the sun daughter,
<span title=”নয়তবা হবে সে রাজপুরীর কোন রাজ কণ্যা ।

“>He will be a royal palace nayataba daughter.

There are no complaints about that.
Or she might be blind and dumb
<span title=”তাই বলে কি তার প্রেম করিতে আছে বারণ আছে কি মাণা ।

“>So what is there to stop him is to love mana.

I feel like all I have is a small mind,
When given the love,
Deona keeping in mind the rules,
Now you’re all dying to safety in your hands.