Do not misunderstand the special request was made, so that the reader pathakaganera subidarthe public can read the entire story together
He was given all the episodes together eyada.Das subhala hartara uddhagadanera mystery for the last two days yabarta nap tonight there are pressure asanta pacantra bag and ran track. Who died birdhesa’m worried about what will kill him as a slave o tallate subhala such people, and one can not be found lokata have been better. No matter with whom he had disputes were not danda. He was a great man. However, to pull him.
I doubt, however, was more at home subala slave boy who was so big that the palace is just four people.Hama bisanaya hamiye’m going to build a nap tonight. I think kapacche doze eye hole. Struck out two in a wink of sleep biprataba one stage two sleep eyes closed. Raw sleep only officer in the CIA D ,, ,, phone and gave it to Mr. oseka bimula Kumar Bose, what are you doing in my duty if I did not have time to come to the police station yodiyaai reason to go beyond decent man ,, ,, bimula Kumar epayanta few Importance punya made and grab chena operation has left me with all the aparesane. Because when I was little I’ve written kolakatayapara bimula Kumar ,, ,, I was a senior and very bilenda two klyasa with him ever since I was a student left hug. Bimula Kumar ,, and ,, looks like a younger brother to me and I would love it if he had any problems at bimula ,, .. there ……… The detective gave me dayartba. And until today to come back here for all the yai ,, ,, bimula be bimula Kumar said that the grandfather was saying, I’m just a little taratari postamadema dasyama Come here with me, he is a little worried about the case. 0 minutes, I’ll come inside grandfather OK.In just twenty minutes bimula Kumar went to the office.
,, ,, Bimula Kumar and two together dasyama intelligence officer now sathirka biimula Kumar said the investigation could not come to see me, come sit oseka grandfather Yes No bahira
Oseka could not have been possible to do that now because I saw oseka brought before the prasannge Let me introduce you to Mr. Shyam is dasyama ,, and this is his name, which was pointed out to you oseka Bose. He said. Yes, hello hello oseka said. Dark

The grandfather said oseka bimula What does not appear in any way to be found.
Sarila grandfather just think that there’s no point in getting upset, and the back will wear. Instead, let’s brother
No Coffee House this afternoon, and the evening will go to Marie subhala slave quarters at the house the night of the investigation that will let us see whether it is on the brink of something fresh. OK oseka
<span title=”তবে তাই হোক আজ সারা রাত আমরা ও বাড়ীতে থাকবো ।

“>So be it at home, and today we’ll be all night.

So now the grandfather of today’s rise tahole few days sleeping yabarta
I went to sleep a little bit at the brûlée of the day. Tahole oseka and Mr Shyam etai the final, we’ll stay at home today, and the servant subhala the whole night we have dinner at night from my house, yes bimula the sarabo Okay, so even if there will not be any problem from my side there is no objection to Mr. Shem tell you what, Mr. Shyam and do not be shy to talk to me, Mr. bimula. Tasara would be good to get a lot of cooking does not tahole baudira etai the right.The calegelama bimula nagata just four in the afternoon at home. Dar bimula house was ready and went home, Mr. Shem. Mr. Shyam have built our upastati happy to see the hole and said, let’s let Mr. bimula what’s to come after him, Mr. oseka
I wanted to sit down once again went to Mr. bimula’s there and think I’m one of the rastaya apanera rastaya another think coming in and not eguluma.
Who told the woman brought tea to the tea drinking tea in the end to end
He said. Tea plantation at the end of the episode was Shem alternative. The dasyamake bimula said Mr. Shyam soon to be created, we’re going out now. Dresaba went dasyama to change. The gure bimula I saw a little baganata dasyamera flower garden, it was fine. We went out and came back in the end dasyama ready. The bad pacamta thirty minutes out of bimula the dasyamera with us about half an hour in some places, like the crush brought. Bimula The car then placed in front of an eyeball at the Coffee House on Day holiday
Coffee House more than a time to chat was going on.
We three, we decided to sit on the balcony of Coffee House. The coffee is coffee made bimula ardhara hand suddenly came to an end cumake cumake I’ll pay the bill coffee bimula The evening has been said, let’s go back now, we’re going to say. Bimula hit the house of Dar .. When I started at bimula bimula Dar Dar Dar Sala Sala bimula the Mind is an intelligence officer, was good.
Dar salakake bimula happy to see if they are still salaka samparkatei gone before. The wedding was his friendship with bimula Schalke. The Biren bimula and friendless in Dar samparkatai come up to them with his left. Dar salakake bimula happy to see if they are still salaka samparkatei gone before. The wedding was his friendship with bimula Schalke. <span title=”বিমুল দা আর বিরেন দার মধ্যে বন্ধুত্য সম্পর্কতাই আসতে আসতে তাদের কে আপন সম্পর্কে বেধে ফেলে ।

“>The Biren bimula and friendless in Dar samparkatai come up to them with his left.

The salakera bimula Mr syamake introduced me to him. Last night’s dinner was a feast.
The oseka bimula careful to stay up all night, so there is little tea or coffee and a light system would nasta
Now that night there will be tea, tea is very good and I could have done so bimula the middle of the night, the night of tea and coffee and light breaks gave me dayatbata became unemployed.
<span title=”আমি চটফট চলে গেলাম এই এরেজমেন্টের জন্য ।

“>I went cataphata for the erejamentera.

The longer and more massive. Sam mile, they both take us throughout the night, which aparesane was ready.
The husband came and asked dake bimula of Biren babu tonight is whether any operation.We all three nights hartara subhala servant to search for the secret of his home run an investigation. I’m going with you, what besata Jamai Babu tahole taholeta going to be nice to you, O oseka balicha no longer add another Holo Holo Mr Shyam well with me. Another said: Yes, sir, I did not understand the meaning of oseka Hey Biren said oseka tahole will be nice to be with us throughout the night four people to understand them better, sir.
Mr. and then all of us had to go. Four out of nine o’clock at night when the house sat subhala uddeche servant.Dar subhala servant of the house to go home about an hour rasta. The site of the car I am Mr Shyam pasbera statinnge his car back together we dikataya two sita car running and all of a sudden in the middle of a liquor store in the eyes of Dar rastaya Biren Biren suddenly stop the car a bit of a dake said Biren stopped the car from the same liquor Store two bottles of wine
The car started to run again and bought a house in front of the car and placed directly subhala servant.
The car in front of the royal palace if bimula amaracarajana
Out of the car and went straight to sleep inside the palace, and all the rest, I have a pahari. Bimula down from the car and called paharike pahari bimula bimula Dar Dar, and came to the call. He said yes, so grand, so aponera dake bimula night watchman at night, because it came out today to the murder mystery. Do you have a room ready for us before and we will stay the night in the room today. Okay, now a grandfather, I’m ready for aponadera room. Pahari went to the room to get ready to see some information on this situation, we have found out if the sides could not find nobody chain Now I got a rocket Ala. In the meantime, the grandfather said dake bimula pahari at room ready for you passed.a bad bad guy, is not it just like aponaderake and that’s why you would not have killed him, I just can not.
Hmm, I understand parachi subhala slave in this world there is no one.
Well, how many people worked at apanera subhala servant, six, and we all do what we bisbasi old master, and I was very close.
What you do not pahara day alone with my brother, we both do pahara another that he is sick for a few days now, and the rest. It’s okay to go in the morning, and took the rest of us will meet together.
It was six in the morning, they came one by one, all of Holo Holo asked all the information anyone could give
All the same chain around his neck reading dekhi Now there is another chain around his neck, he said to him, with the exception of hollow sandheha over a period of two to four, he sat down. Finally, such a benefit is not hollow subhala servant went to the house he lived in.
He found some room gelona search.
We all went out of the house in this, I was out of my sight hote subhala servant under the bed in one corner were lying there in a diary. The diary was lying down
Subhala with the scalpel knife that had been killed by a slave.
I took the knife in my bag at the diary.
Drug addiction end up there, walked four, matching bimula Dar office.
The careful bimula been through a lot the night before, so you need to rest after the afternoon sir kecchati’ll hyandaobhara hands. Tahole oseka and dahsyama apanera will go to the office in the afternoon. From there came out to say goodbye.
The rest came home at the end of what they think barindaya
Subhala bag out of the hands of a slave diary barindaya sat again. Open diary that had taken place in the life of a slave at subhala dunkhera happiness to a lot of different types of events in his life and I know I was. Do not know why
Manata ballalo subhala slave die before the end of diary writing lekhachekina so prstata reverse reverse the diary at the end of a text was returned to the desired page. Today was a big kid, and now I do not need so Khoka Khoka is married me because British Mem. Or does he think it will not come to this country Opposition in the country. Alas, your baby is going to die because I married your mother, and you did not leave me Stay with me, these words were written asabina.
I do not blame anyone for the end of writing my mityura this beautiful world full of illusion and went to say goodbye to his mother Khokon. I did not understand at the end of reading the rest of the remains were not actually killed subhala servant he had committed suicide.
I gave her the phone bimula dairite written after the event, and Dr. bimula dake syamake and bimula Dar salakake was informed. Hmm, this event is really brutal hardship and pain.
What we are suffering from today’s boys and girls are victims. Let the child until the end of his life.