The increased risk of breast cancer than women of marriage age

একমাত্র মনের জোরেই ভালো হতে পারে স্তন ক্যান্সার

Cancer surgery for fear of being reminded of his two stanai Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie has dropped. The whole world has to sadarpe.
This sahasayai or how many young women are able to show?
There are still prejudices about women being cultivated even in the villages, towns and maphasaleo. Nariderastana cancer is increasing because of ignorance. The number of deaths is increasing. It was before the disease after menopause puts women in a handful of the body. That means that breast cancer than women in the age of disease. But now the concept has been proved wrong. Breast cancer is increasing among young people.


35 percent of women under the age of thirty-five victims of breast cancer is seen. This trend has started to change with anxiety. Ankolajista celebrities to promote awareness. Just do not jolii ayanjolina Cynthia Nixon, Robin Roberts, Christina ayapaligeta, Cathay Bates, Taking celebrity brand ambassador for the prevention of breast cancer has become. However, Jolie showed ayanjeli myasatekatami way to exclude the opposition of the breast. Gathanayai 10 percent of breast cancer cases, according to their gene responsible. Just myasatekatami not just walk in fear.

Aktobarakei awareness of breast cancer around the world are chosen. Renowned oncologist Dr. Ashish Mukherjee said the first nor the second stage of diagnosis of breast cancer is expected to recover from 9 to 95 percent. The third or fourth level of 50 to 60 percent chance of being cured. Sapamukti treatment is possible only six months. Moreover, just as the breast is also not excluded either.

According to US researchers, from 3 to 7 years of age in the thirties, married with two children, and children need to suck until at least six months. Only 60 percent reduced risk of breast cancer can be removed. How many of you know this information? Agrees or how many were sleeping? Now, thirty-five ago to pursue a career in the Working ledira’re not going to get married. Many in the thirties are married or starting a family planning children are late. Said Dr. Gautam Mukherjee noted ankolajista bearing women with hormone produced by the body prolyakatina and projesterana. Which helps reduce the risk of cancer. With the release of many hormones that are bearing much of which helps to prevent rajaroga. Nursed the child’s immune system is greatly increased. This simple truth has been publicly more than one study at home and abroad. Yet the current generation were not alarmed. Women are still not serious enough about early child bearing. Pursue the career they are endangering themselves.