July 17 press conference at the house in the country has been the creation of national unity “that the Prime Minister has made a statement that Jamaat-e-Islami protest.

BNP acting secretary general Dr. Kamaluddin said in a statement Monday, the politics of blame, rather than the creation of national unity has been pushed toward the partition of the nation.

He said the countries concerned intellectuals and important people and organizations from the moment that are called for national unity to that moment, disappointed and shocked the nation, the Prime Minister has made such a statement. At the same time, we were surprised. This is very unfortunate statement.

He said in response to questions from journalists, national unity has been created already. “The Awami League-led 14-party alliance of national unity, the Prime Minister explained to you, if his statement is correct. But a common man can understand, is not the name of national unity. If you rise above the political parties irrespective of all walks of life unite to call for the men, it was national unity. But the call to unite against all alone, he said the politics of blame.

He said that terrorism is a national disaster became today, any citizen of the country where there is no comfort, terrified of the whole nation, the Prime Minister of the ruling party, the opposition demands and expectations of the whole nation, regardless of the individuals representing the terrible uncertainty is pushing people practically ignored. Largely in the name of fighting terror drama continued opposition netakarmiderake being killed. Many are going to be carried. The endless torture of others continue to accept responsibility for the false statements being collected. Santrasiderakei hide the fact that all the activities of the militants is tantamount to askara. The disaster was a sigh of relief to free the nation from terrorism for the opportunity to come out of the prime minister from the party-eyed political circles.

Jamaat leader said the prime minister “has been the creation of national unity,” has announced that it is totally unjust and meaningless. We would like to request the Prime Minister again, focus above partisan politics arose, and came out of the blame for the government of national unity of the team, regardless of the opposition thoughtful, conscientious and religious leaders at all levels to take effective steps to unite all.