Djibouti asala the world’s second-largest saltwater lake in the natural reservoir. About 420 meters from the sea surface down to 1,378 feet and land the lowest in the world. Salinity of 30 per cent and it is 8.6 times more saline than ocean water.

About three million years ago, the Jordan River and the Dead Sea and Wadi arabaha region was flooded by the Red sagaraera repeatedly clean water as a result of the creation of a narrow bay. Jejarila cove via a narrow valley, was linked to the Red Sea, according to the theory of prakrtika about two million years ago, the land between the valley and the Mediterranean received considerable height. As a result, the ocean cove surrounded lakes caused flooding into the region from east to hayapraya year 70000 12000 Equity years, until the water level in the Dead than the current height of 50 meters was more than 100. Praya water reaches its maximum altitude of 26000 years ago to 10,000 years ago, began to decline dramatically surface height, which was lower than the current surface elevation of the water surface elevation of gata several thousand years is around 400 meters or less.

Take plenty of pictures on the shore of the Dead Sea near gedira eina salt
Analysis has shown that the ocean water, mineral elements dissolved in water, there is a difference compared to the Dead Equity. Dead Sea salt dissolved in water, and 4% potassium chloride, 14% kyalasiyala chloride and magnesium chloride, 50% and 30% sodium chloride aneke believe that there are many kinds of diseases in the mud of the Dead Sea ‘s 30% of salinity. As a result, the density of water, 124 kg / liter .High buoyancy of the Dead Sea that could be swept away by the water. Anekakhani located on the Great Salt Lake in Utah, United States like.

Plabataya high salinity caused by sea are swept away by a tourist

Many believe that the Dead Sea mud, so many kinds of diseases in a patient’s body rub mud, standing on the edge of the sea
Dead Sea region has now become a classical gabesanasthala. His main reason for the huge presence of minerals found in sea water, also producer of allergy and pollen in the air, land scarcity and the high-pressure zone, and ultra-violet solar radiation is less than the presence of elements. High atmospheric pressure is quite beneficial, especially for patients who suffer from asthma.
Suryasnana psoriasis skin disease psoriasis is quite beneficial for the long-term. Ultra-violet rays in this region to play a great role in the creation of low bathing environment. In addition, the Dead Sea for a cure for the disease to be quite beneficial labanao scientific study has claimed.

Biological diversity of plants
Basically any plant or fish can not live on this lake because it is called the Dead Sea. And only a few bacteria, fungi, microorganisms can be found in the mountains of camel, rabbit mrta Sea, khekasiyala even leopards are found. In the past, the Jordan River delta region, papyrus and palm tree forest was rich. Who Jericho, Judea Josephus in his writings as the region’s most urbarabhumi said. Sugarcane during the Roman and Byzantine Empire, sikamora and henna plant diversity in the region brought prosperity. Jericho balasama tree sap would be prepared to improve the quality of perfumes and perfume. Jericho is to be history in the 19th century fertility.

At present, human settlements
There are several small settlements in the Dead Sea area. John goes out and Regional Council gedi eina madhyee These included mijilata kalaiya, mijape, Salem and abhanatera isarayeri janabasatigulo significant. There are several hotels and a natural archive gedite eina yoharera quenched near the southwest corner of the city eina bokeka. Nor is Israel’s longest road in the world’s low-lying north-south highway, Highway 90 isarayali micula territory along the Lebanese border in the south of the city, 565 km Proceeding 351 miles, crossing the Red Sea in Egypt at the end ilata. It is 393 meters below sea level is located. Adhyasita the Jordanian shore of the Dead Sea area, including suyeima potasa City and several cities. Highway 65 north-south along the border between Jordan and the Jordanian port of Aqaba to the Dead Sea, with the main hotels in the nearby bistrtaisarayelera arada building dates back to the 60’s decade. <span title=”সমসাময়িককালে আন্তর্জাতিক প্রতিষ্ঠানগুলোর বিনিয়োগের ফলে জর্ডান উপকূলও ব্যাপকভাবে সমৃদ্ধ হচ্ছে।

“>Jordan estuarine water surface is greatly enriched as a result of contemporary international investment institutions.

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