Oh! What is the fate of the captured
Think black and white set joint measures.
This is to say that the idea
People say that greeted his black face multiple count
More gain than loss,
Oh! And there is a lack of kichera?
What is the immortal brother,
There is no other word in the face?
What is this?
What has to learn a new job.
Alam was the brother Job Shop
Went on to strike sapim Mall
Talk to a vendor in the throat badhatechila Cop
Why is tuberculosis?
Nare sari that her brother stri caught the mood at a high price!
Tell her away from the cheek to protect karaluma mood.
Oh! Oh really ?
What is left?
Wherever you go, there’s just no money money
In an hour the whole month is full of empty pockets.
Thus, the traffic jam was empty except for poor
Dhaka our dreams.
I’ve only got to count the fate of the city
Moder forehead Mora big loser Pora!
Brothers, that you do not have to go to the streets
Only the road to IP and VIP.
VIP car stopped in the street five minutes
On the other hand the wheel off the normal twenty minutes.
Tatakhane the traffic on the streets of Dhaka City were all hits.
Emergency ambulance reached the hospital patient
Jamera patient goes home.
When VIP IP solution?
All are equal !!
There will be no gap between rich and poor !!