Bangladesh’s national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. He was one of the most popular leading twentieth century Bengali poet, novelist, playwright, musician and philosopher, who is leading Bengali poet best known for his role as well as the dynamic incentives. The Bengali literature, society and culture as a significant figure in one of the best in the field. Manisara Bengali Nazrul sign a height. He is one of the Bengali language literary, patriotic and national poet. West Bengal and Bangladesh, two of his favorite poems and songs equally. His poetry has been described as the rebellious attitude of the rebel poet. The main theme of his poems about the human vocal protest against oppression and social injustice and exploitation. Kazi Nazrul Islam in Bengali mind the dignity of the twentieth century is very important. He is a poet, novelist, musician, journalist, editor, politician, and as a soldier against injustice and Nazrul was always vocal. This attitude was reflected in his poems and songs. Agniveena into his hands, his expression like comets. As rebel writings, as in life – the “rebel poet”, the dignity of his birth and death anniversaries are celebrated every year with both Bengal.
Nazrul was born in a poor Muslim family. His early education was religious. Mu’adhdhin was honored as a local mosque. He went to work with various theater groups in adolescence poetry, drama, and literature received knowledge. After a few days in the Indian army, he chose journalism as a career. He lived in Calcutta. He was sent down to the struggle against the British Raj. Song expressed as a rebel and break into poetry; Periodicals like a comet. After the deposition of political prisoners in prison, wrote, there was clear opposition to imperialism in the literature. Religious Muslim society and its special relationship with the Indian people was neglected. Love has its literary prominence, release and rebellion. He wrote against religious gender. Short stories, novels, plays, known as a poet, he originally wrote. She gave birth to a new genre of Bengali poetry. This is the song as well as Islamic music, as well as Shyama Sangeet and Hindu bhaktigitio he wrote much better. 3000 Nazrul wrote songs that were composed mostly, and now Nazrul music or “Nazrul Geeti known as” special and popular. He middle- piksa disease [ii] was attacked. As a result, death is to be separated from her writings. At the same time lost mental balance. In 197, he and his family came to Dhaka at the invitation of the Government of Bangladesh. In the meantime, he was awarded the country’s nationality. Where he died.

Birth and Early Life

May 4, 1899 AD Burdhaman district of West Bengal Asansol subdivision curuliya Kazi Nazrul Islam was born in the village. The village is located blocks curuliya Jamuria in Asansol subdivision. Grandfather, Qazi Amin Ullah Qazi Faqir Ahmad, the son of his second wife, Zaheda Khatun was the sixth child. His father Fakir Ahmed was the imam of the local mosque and shrine attendants. Ali Hossain and Kazi Nazrul Islam, the youngest of three brothers, the eldest of two sisters and a younger Kaji sahebajana Umm Kulthum. Kazi Nazrul Islam was nicknamed “Dukhu Mia”. Nazrul worked at a local mosque muezzin. Muslims managed to escape religious school of the Quran, Islam religion, philosophy and began to study Islamic theology. In 1908, his father died when he was nine years old. After the death of his father in his education due to family distress is disturbing and at the age of ten, he was off work for a livelihood. In the meantime, from Maktab Nazrul maktabei started teaching in the lower secondary examination. The ministers of the tomb and mosque of Haji wrestlers Mu’adhdhin (Azan donor) started working as a. Through these actions at an early age, he is known to be closely related to rituals of Islam, which was later greatly influenced his literary karetinii Bengali literature has begun to practice the spirit of Islam.Maktab, mosques and shrines in Nazrul was not long. A child was attracted to folk-old Leto the Radha region of poetry, music and dance mixed form of practicing the mobile group joined. Kazi bajale his uncle Ustad Karim curuliya was prominent in the group of Leto and Arabic, Persian and Urdu languages were his possession. Karim bajale mixed in the composition of songs. It is believed that the influence of bajale Nazrul Karim joined Leto. Leto is also the most popular poet of the region’s finest cakora (corpulent poet) and Vasudeva kabiya Leto and Nazrul song contests regularly take part in tournaments. Leto is classed as literary. He went to several places in the team, played with them, and learned songs and poems they wrote for the stage. His actions and in the light of experience, he began to study Bengali and Sanskrit literature. At the same time began to study Hindu scriptures, the Puranas. Wrote several folk songs at an early age that her troupe. This clown Joker, sakunibadha, King Yudhisthirer donor ear, Akbar king, poet Kalidas, bidyabhutuma, prince songs, old and Meghnad kill myna Rond neck.  On the one hand mosques, shrines and maktab life, on the other hand diverse group of Leto experience has provided many of the elements of his literary career. Kalidebike Nazrul composed a lot of music and Shyama, Nazrul his last speech mentioned – “Someone said to me the words of one of the disbelievers and Javan. I can not say, and none of the two. I just tried to shake hands with Hindus and Muslims over the place, trying to become galagalite galagalike.

Leto left the group in 1910, Nazrul returned to student life. Leto team was impressed by his talent, all his evidence that after leaving Leto Nazrul songs were written about him the other disciples: “We are under the master  nisidina think so, that grief  namete Nazrul Islam, what will the quality of the evidence”the new student his first school was Raniganj Searsole Raj school, and was admitted to the Institute of matharuna English high school, which later became known as Nabinchandra. Mallik, who was the headmaster of the school matharuna kumudaranjana old was known as a famous poet. Islam is a source of inspiration in his vicinity. Kumudaranjana went to reminisce about Nazrul wrote,
Chanamane cute little boy, I went to visit the class before he was worshiped. I would cuddle him smile. He was shy.However, financial problems, he has a few days to study here. After reading the sixth grade, he was to go back to work. Vasudeva joined the kabidale. The butler, a Christian railway guard and took to build, finally, Asansol, tea-bread loaves. Thus, pain is often spent his early life. While these stores Asansol raphijaullahara inspector ‘is met. Nazrul’s poems and rhymes sat alone stores that used to compose a look at the identity of his talent in raphijaullaha. He Trishal in Mymensingh district Darirampur In 1914, Nazrul was admitted to the school in the seventh grade. In 1915, he went back to school Raniganj Searsole king and began to study from the eighth grade. Until 1917, studied here. Towards the end of 1917 AD, not secondary Instead, he joined the army as a soldier. The four teachers were influenced by Nazrul, a student at this school. They Chandra kanjilala classical music, revolutionary cetanabisista Nibaranchandra matchmaker, Persian literature and literary studies Nurun Nabi Hafiz Nagendranath Banerjee. 

The soldier and the journalist’s life and married life,

<span title=”সেনাবাহিনীতে নজরুল

“>Army Shoes

Towards the end of AD 1917, Nazrul joined the army. Fort William, Calcutta, and later for the first train to the border of the province of Nowshera. At the end of the training at Karachi began to live the life of a soldier. He served in the Army from 1917 to 1920 AD, AD, March-April until the end of the nearly two and a half years. In the meantime, the 49 Bengal Regiment soldiers to master corporal in the quarter was up Hav. He said Maulvi Punjabi Regiment learn the Persian language. In addition, a variety of domestic and foreign co-production with the soldiers continued the practice of music, prose and poetry, and the practice continues. His works were completed at Karachi cantonment that Nazrul include, baundulera atmakahini (first prose composition), released (first published poem); Story: Hena, giving pain, Meher neger, sleep, trance, etc. poetry. This is despite the fact that at Karachi, Calcutta was a different literary magazine subscribers. These expatriates, India, Bharati, Manasi, marmmabani, Sabujpatra, Saogat and Bengal Muslim literary magazine. This time his Rabindranath Tagore, Sharat Chandra Chatterji Persian poet Hafiz and some books. Introduction to the study of the sources of his literature at the Karachi senanibasei. The soldier, he took part in the First World War. At the time of his army was to go to Iraq. But after the war, and never stopped. In 1920, when the war ended 49 Bengal Regiment was disbanded.  He left the life of the soldier returned to Calcutta.

No. 3 College Street in Calcutta, Bengal, Nazrul end of the war he moved to the office of the Muslim Literary Society. Muzaffar Ahmad, one of the officers of the Association here had been with him since the beginning of his literary career as a journalist are the main tasks. Early Moslem India, Bengal Muslim Literary magazine, worship etc. Some of his writings were published in newspapers. And stopping the loss of the novel, poetry enlightenment, sata-il-Arab, Breakfast Badal wine, usher, par ferry-boat, sacrifice, mohararma, Fateha-e-doyajdam, these are highly appreciated in literary writings. In the context of the poet and critic mohitalala Majumdar Moslem Bharat beyond its ferry-boat and two poems in praise of wine Breakfast Badal wrote a critical article. In connection with the country’s leading literary critics of his close identification. Qazi Motahar Hossain Bengal Muslim Literary Society office, Haque, Kazi Abdul Wadud, Shahidullah, Afzalul Haq met. Kolkata, India, the two most popular writers in the chat room and participate in the chat gajenadara shuffle through atulprasad Sen, Abanindranath Tagore, Satyendra Nath Dutta, premankura atarthi, Shishir Bhaduri, Sharat Chandra Chatterji, nirmelandu Lahiri, dhurjatiprasada Mukherjee, Hemendra Kumar, Thakur dinendranatha, Charu Chandra Banerjee, Ustad karamatulla Khan with others. Tagore’s Santiniketan while in October 1921, he met with. From then until his death in Tagore was to maintain good relations. Motahar Hossain Kazi Nazrul special friendship developed.1920 AD on July 1, an epic evening newspaper to be published. In the context of non-cooperation and Khilafat movement was editor of this newspaper published e-Bengali AK The magazine began his career in the haka Fazlul Nazrul regularly. In the same year the magazine “muhajirina who is responsible for the murder,” the newspaper wrote an article titled deposit was confiscated and police surveillance of his starts. However, the political and social status of journalism he get a chance to. At the same time several political meetings with Muzaffar Ahmad society had the opportunity to gain experience of politics by joining. There were several small programs as well as poetry and music practice. He wrote the lyrics to the tune did not start. Some of the Brahmo Samaj musician Sengupta magical tone poems were published in the Journal of the sbaralipisaha. These include: If you want to get, oh no affection suradhuni Saogat BS April 1327 issue published his first song. The song was: “Play Play Dark Lord.” April-June 1921 at the office of the literary society, Nazrul Islam was introduced to the book’s publisher Ali Akbar Khan. He came home with his first district birajasundari goddess. <span title=”আর এখানেই পরিচিত হন প্রমীলা দেবীর সাথে যার সাথে তার প্রথমে পরিণয় ও পরে বিয়ে হয়েছিল।

“>Pramila Devi, with whom he was familiar with and where his first marriage, and then got married.

However, the marriage of his sister Nargis Ali Akbar Khan is coming to Khanom. Akhata after the completion of the marriage of his son kabinera embroiled in a dispute over the terms. Nazrul house husband refused to stay and Basara Comilla town birajasundari completed before the goddess Nargis went home. Nazrul was too ill to attend the Women’s Devi was his. <span title=”এক পর্যায়ে তারা বিবাহ বন্ধনে আবদ্ধ হন।[৬]

“>At one point, they were married.

Nazrul was a pioneer of communism. The names of the four children named as both Hindus and Muslims. For example, Muhammad, Krishna, Arindam Khaled (bulbul), Kazi Sabyasachi and Kazi Aniruddha.

Rebel Shoes


The non-cooperation movement across the country is a huge incentive. Ali Akbar Khan, Nazrul Daulatpur Comilla from home for a few days to go back to Comilla from june 19 until he was already here, he became an active political activist. His main job was to attend the procession and singing. At the time of his songs are written and composed by the “mad at his wife’s mother came running courtyard traveler, today’s blood-dawn nightlife  O hear the same  release captive-chain noise” and so on. He had 17 days to move. Back in November, AD 1921 and Comilla. Nazrul was all over India on the occasion of November 1 haratala came down again; Non-cooperation with the procession around the city, and sings, “Give alms! Give alms! Oh, do you want to citizen” – at the time of his poems, songs and essays have been published in the expression of rebellion. The best example is the poem of the rebels. The poem was published in 1922 AD and the rebel Indian literary fame in the society. <span title=”এই কবিতায় নজরুল নিজেকে বর্ণনা করেন:-

    “>Nazrul himself described the poem: –

<span title=”আমি বঞ্চিত ব্যথা পথবাসী চির গৃহহারা যত পথিকের,

    “>Pathabasi pain I ever deprived displaced as a passer,

<span title=”আমি অবমানিতের মরম বেদনা, বিষ জ্বালা, চির লাঞ্ছিত বুকে গতি ফের

    “>I Mormo humiliated pain, poison irritation, chest motion perpetually humiliated again

<span title=”আমি অভিমানী চির ক্ষুব্ধ হিয়ার কাতরতা, ব্যথা সুনিবিড়,

    “>Here I am assuming that perpetually angry languishment, pain sunibira,

<span title=”চিত চুম্বন-চোর-কম্পন আমি থর-থর-থর প্রথম প্রকাশ কুমারীর!

    “>Thar-Thar, I voted kiss-thief-vibration-stratum of the Virgin first appeared!

<span title=”আমি গোপন প্রিয়ার চকিত চাহনি, ছল করে দেখা অনুখন,

    “>I have a quick glance secret darling, is to dodge anukhana,

<span title=”আমি চপল মেয়ের ভালবাসা তার কাকন চুড়ির কন-কন।

    “>I love her vivacious daughter kakana bangles Con-Con.

<span title=”…


<span title=”মহা-বিদ্রোহী রণক্লান্ত

    “>Great-rebel war-weary

<span title=”আমি সেই দিন হব শান্ত।

    “>I will be quiet in the day.

<span title=”যবে উৎপীড়িতের ক্রন্দন-রোল আকাশে-বাতাসে ধ্বনিবে না,

    “>Can not molest cry-roll sound in the air,

<span title=”অত্যাচারীর খড়ুগ কৃপাণ ভীম রণ, ভূমে রণিবে না-

    “>Ron oppressor kharuga krpana Bhima, Bhumena not ranibe

<span title=”বিদ্রোহী রণক্লান্ত

    “>The rebel war-weary

<span title=”আমি সেই দিন হব শান্ত।

    “>I will be quiet in the day.
<span title=”……………………..


<span title=”আমি চির বিদ্রোহী বীর –

    “>I am perpetually rebellious heroes –

<span title=”বিশ্ব ছাড়ায়ে উঠিয়াছি একা চির উন্নত শির!

“>Charaye uthiyachi developed world alone, head forever!

1922 AD Shoes Comet newspaper published on August 1. It was published twice a week. During 1920 the non-cooperation and Khilafat movement was a failure at one time. Swaraj consecutive formation of armed revolutionism that emerged was the cometary contribution to the magazine. <span title=”এই পত্রিকাকে আশীর্বাদ করে রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর লিখেছিলেন,

    “>Rabindranath Tagore wrote the newspaper blessed,

<span title=”কাজী নজরুল ইসলাম কল্যাণীয়েষু, আয় চলে আয়রে ধূমকেতু।

    “>Kazi Nazrul Islam kalyaniyesu, returns to the comet ayare.

<span title=”আঁধারে বাঁধ অগ্নিসেতু, দুর্দিনের এই দুর্গশিরে উড়িয়ে দে তোর বিজয় কেতন।

“>Agnisetu dark dam, in times of trouble you give away the victory durgasire colors.

These words were written at the top of the front page of the newspaper. Magazine, September 6, 1922 issue of the arrival of his poems were published in Anandamoyee. The political poem was published in the November 8 issue of the magazine was banned. 3 November of the same year, the same day his yugabani essays was confiscated and he was arrested in Comilla. After the arrest, he was brought to Calcutta from Comilla. AD 7 January 1923 Nazrul pending a statement to the defense as a prisoner. Suinahora Chief Presidency Magistrate’s Court gave this statement. The statement in the name of Bengali literature, literary status has earned the deposition of political prisoners. <span title=”এই জবানবন্দীতে নজরুল বলেছেন:

    “>Nazrul said this statement:

I complained, I rebel. So I rajakaragare imprisoned and accused the court …. I am a poet, I am non-disclosure in order to reveal the truth, sent by God to murtidanera abstract creations. God responds to the poet’s voice, my words of truth, the Word of God Prakashika. Sebani rajabicare traitor, but nyayadrohi judgment, saying he is not satyadrohi. Publish the truth will not be suppressed. <span title=”আমার হাতের ধূমকেতু এবার ভগবানের হাতের অগ্নি-মশাল হয়ে অন্যায় অত্যাচার দগ্ধ করবে…।

“>The hand of God in my hand comet fire-torch will burn the evil oppression ….

Nazrul January 16 after a one-year trial was sentenced to hard labor. Nazrul was taken to Alipore Central Jail. The life of the prisoners were passing the January 1923 AD X Rabindranath Nazrul book dedicated its spring musical. Nazrul was a special festive. This is the happiest day of joy sitting in jail, wrote with joy.

Nobel Prize-winning physician Julius Wagner-jauregera one student doctor. On 9 December 1953 the poet was examined. The results said. Hauf said that the poet definitely piksa disease has been suffering from a niuranaghatita. And the lateral frontal lobe of the brain affected is shrinking. He said the current situation is impossible to make recovery from the poet. On 7 December 1953 the conclusion of the daily newspaper in Calcutta in Vienna, published an article in which the author was named Nazrul Dr. Ashok bagaci he was in Vienna for higher education and gained knowledge about his treatment. However, British doctors for his treatment any other parts of Europe, where large sums cikitsakai fees did not want a fee. Nazrul soon returned home from Europe. Soon after, he went to Vienna, and Dr. Chandra Roy, West Bengal Chief Minister Dr. provision. Hans Hoff heard the details. Nazrul, who went to Europe in Rome on 14 December 1953, they traveled to the country.

Arrival and death in Bangladesh

Bengalis in 1971, the Bangladesh Liberation War of Bangladesh in achieving success was the establishment of an independent state. 197 AD, with the approval of the Government of India on May 4, Poet Nazrul was brought to the country with his family. The then President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in Bangladesh took the initiative in this regard. <span title=”কবির বাকি জীবন বাংলাদেশেই কাটে।

“>Bangladesh spent the rest of the poet’s life.

In spite of his health did not improve in the sufficient treatment. In 1974, the youngest son of the famous poet Kazi Aniruddha guitarist died. In 1976, Nazrul began to deteriorate and healthy. He spent the last days of the PG Hospital in Dhaka. He died on August 9, 1976 AD. <span title=”নজরুল তাঁর একটি গানে লিখেছেন, "মসজিদেরই কাছে আমায় কবর দিয়ো ভাই / যেন গোরের থেকে মুয়াজ্জিনের আযান শুনতে পাই";- কবির এই ইচ্ছার বিষয়টি বিবেচনা করে কবিকে ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় কেন্দ্রীয় মসজিদের পাশে সমাধিস্থ করার সিদ্ধান্ত নেয়া হয় এবং সে অনুযায়ী তাঁর সমাধি রচিত হয়।

“>Nazrul wrote her a song, “Bury me at the mosque brother , hear the call of the muezzin from the Gore”, – considering the wishes of the poet Kabir of Dhaka University Central Mosque to be buried beside the grave of his decision and accordingly was written.

His funeral prayer of 10 thousand people took part. After the funeral prayers of President Abu Sadat Mohammad Sayem, Major General Ziaur Rahman, Real Admiral MH Khan, Air Vice Marshal G. Mahmood, Maj Gen Suhrawardy revelations national patakamandita carry his body to the ground and took the university mosque.  in Bangladesh day is celebrated on the occasion of his death two days of national mourning. Parliament observed a minute’s silence in honor of the poet and India are.

<span title=”কবিতা


Kolkata in December 1921 on his way back NI gave birth to the revolutionary writings. The two rebel poetry and music lyrics demolished. They changed the tenor of Bengali poetry. Nazrul’s poetry has gained the most popularity rebel. Another famous poem composed at the same time, Kemal pasa najarule view of the inadequacy of the Indian Muslims in the Khilafat Movement and the spirit of contemporary international history is known. In 1922 his famous collection of poems was published in Agniveena. This anthology of poetry in Bengali, was able to create an innovation, the transfer took place in the Bengali poetry. With the publication of the first edition ended. After several new versions are released. The most sensational book of poetry include: “pralayollasa, usher, kheyaparera ship, sata-Île-Arab rebels, Mustafa Kemal Pasha,” and so on. This was the turning point in Bengali poetry. His children’s poetry brings Bengali poetry, aesthetics Child and squirrel, litchi-thief, khamdu-grandfather, and his evidence. <span title=”কবি তার মানুষ কবিতায় বলেছিলেন:

    “>People told her poems of the poet:

<span title=”পূজিছে গ্রন্থ ভণ্ডের দল মূর্খরা সব শোন/ মানুষ এনেছে গ্রন্থ, গ্রন্থ আনেনি মানুষ কোন

“>Listen to all the hypocrites book pujiche murkhara  people brings the book, did not book any of the people

Shyama Kali debike sangita he wrote a lot of the Islamic gajalao wrote.

<span title=”গদ্য রচনা, গল্প ও উপন্যাস

“>Wrote prose, short stories and novels

The first composition of his prose was “baundulera atmakahini”. In May 1919, it was published in the Saogat. When a soldier at Karachi cantonment wrote it. Here was the beginning of his literary career. Here are a few stories written at. These include: “Hena, giving pain, Meher neger, sleep.” A collection of his short stories was published in 1922, called the combination of pain dana yugabani articles were published in the same year.
<span title=”রাজনৈতিক ও রাষ্ট্রীয় দর্শন

“>Political and state vision

Nazrul left the military career of Bengal Muslim Literary Society at the Muzaffar Ahmed was living with. Muzaffar Ahmed, a pioneer in the establishment of the socialist movement in this country. So, his political consciousness began to develop from here. Muzaffar Ahmed, he took part in political meetings and speeches. Since that time, became acquainted with socialist ideology. In 1917, the socialist revolution in Russia that affected him in many ways. He expressed his plow and ganabani newspaper proletarian communist and poems. <span title=”এরই সাথে প্রকাশ করেছিলেন কমিউনিস্ট ইন্টারন্যাশনাল-এর অনুবাদ জাগ অনশন বন্দী ওঠ রে যত- তাঁর পত্রিকায় প্রকাশিত হয় রেড ফ্ল্যাগ-এর অবলম্বনে রচিত রক্তপতাকার গান।

“>The Communist International had expressed to the translation was published in Awake hunger strike in prison, his rise yata-ray based on red flag of raktapatakara song.

The non-cooperation movement led by Mahatma Gandhi and Maulana Mohammad Ali and Shaukat Ali, led the Khilafat movement was intended andolana bitarana the British from India through peaceful means. The Khilafat Movement was intended to sustain Turkey’s feudal regime, because the regime as well as the Sultanate integrated almost all Muslims, the Sultan of Turkey had knowledge of the caliph of the Muslim world. Nazrul was not a believer in the ideals of these two movements. Swaraj as well as achieving independence through armed revolution, he believed that it was contrary to the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. Again under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Pasha, Turkey’s abolition of the sultanate of his support for the movement to build a new Turkey. Still, she joined the non-cooperation and Khilafat movements. <span title=”এর কারণ, এই সংগ্রাম দুটি ভারতীয় হিন্দু মুসলমানদের সম্মিলিত সম্রাজ্যবাদ বিরোধী সংগ্রামের অবিচ্ছেদ্য অংশ হিসেবে বিবেচিত হচ্ছিল।

“>Because of these two Indian Hindus and Muslims to fight coalition was regarded as an integral part of the struggle against imperialism.

However, in terms of all aspects of Nazrul’s ideas were most affected by Kamal Pasha. Nazrul Turkish Muslims thought that their country could do it, why can not the Indian sub-continent? Bigotry, conservatism, bigotry, prejudice his position was strongly against. And he had the biggest impact on the position of Kemal Pasha. He was the hero of his life, Kamal Pasha. Nazrul’s rebellious life made attempts similar role. The BS 1921 Muzaffar Ahmed and Nazrul Taltala Lane in September that he was at home, India’s first socialist party was formed. Shoes Act of 1917 was influenced by the socialist revolution in Russia. <span title=”কিন্তু তিনি নিজে কখনই এই দলের সদস্য হননি, যদিও কমরেড মুজফ্‌ফর তাঁর ঘনিষ্ঠ বন্ধু ছিলেন আজীবন।

“>But he was never a member of this group, although Comrade Muzaffar was a lifelong friend of his.

He tried to participate in the National Assembly elections in late 1920. First, he went to Kolkata to gain support in Congress. But he is not getting any response from the Congress decided to select alone. He did not have much success in the elections. His political thought and literary expression of the continued active participation in politics, but decreases.


Nazrul Award

<span title=”বাংলাদেশ




Bangladesh’s national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam was given the status. His “grounds of tradition the grounds of tradition the grounds of tradition, urdhagagane bad tam-tam” adopted as the ranasangita. Nazrul’s birth and death are celebrated every year especially. His memory Trishal (Mymensingh district of Bangladesh), 005 national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam University has been established in the public university. Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, in memory of the poet Nazrul Academy, Bulbul Academy of Fine Arts and the Children organization was established in Bangladesh Nazrul Sena. In addition, the city government has established research institutes, Nazrul insatitiuta named Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, a major road.

In recognition of his contribution to Bengali literature and culture AD 9 December 1974, the university awarded him the honorary title of DLit. He was awarded the title of university convocation. In January, AD 1976, the government of Bangladesh is the poet of Bangladesh citizenship. 1 February of the same year he was awarded the ETV.  The most awarded an honorary medal is considered.


Curuliyaya the Indian state of West Bengal, “Nazrul Academy”, a non-NI-practice centers. Asansol to curuliyara Kazi Nazrul Islam University has been established in 01 metropolitan cities.  Asansol Durgapur near the city’s international airport adjacent to the international airport is named Kazi Nazrul Islam. Twenty-four Parganas district, located north of the capital from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata the main road of peace-keepers have been named Kazi Nazrul Islam Sarani. Kolkata Metro Garia Bazar metro station is named “Poet Nazrul Metro station”.

Bengali literature from Calcutta University in 1945, Nazrul was awarded the Gold Medal is the highest award Jagattarini. In 1960, India’s third highest civilian honor awarded padmabhusane.