Abdus Salam, a Bhasha Shaheed
Abdus Salam laksanapura Dagarbhuiyan of Feni district of the village was named after his son parabartite salamanagara She is another one of the great Language Movement martyrs. Because of its outstanding role in protecting the language later, the nation’s national spirit of sacrifice and patriotism made ujjbibita. The country achieved independence through armed struggle in 1971 due to a lack of consciousness hayechilatamra father Mian Muhammad Fazil. Abdus Salam career at the Directorate of Industries of the Government of Pakistan served as a postman. FIG barracks living quarters at No. 36 in B karatenabanla one of the state languages of Pakistan to Dhaka Medical College Hospital on February 1 onto the streets to demand the fifty-two down, 144 took part in the protest. Elopatharibhabe after police opened fire on crowds of students Abdus Salam was shot. The injured were admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. After one and a half months in hospital, he died on April 7, 195 karenamahana unique role in keeping the language movement, the government of Bangladesh, Abdus Salam and posthumously awarded him 000 of the 000 karechenapheni change the name of the stadium in the language martyrs Salam Stadium will be converted hayadaganabhuna milanayatanake 007 to the language martyrs Salam district of its own village hall laksmanapurera change the name of the city is peace.

A language martyr Ahmad Rafiquddin
Ahmed is one of 195 Rafiquddin language martyrs of language movement in East Pakistan. Sahidasmrti national consciousness and patriotism of his nation up later. Because the spirit of the 1971 Bangladesh achieved independence through armed struggle to gain independence and karechilaraphika Abdul Latif Ahmed, father’s name and mother’s name raphija Khatun. His father was a businessman, Abdul Latif was in Calcutta. Raphikauddinera Mitra Institute began studying early childhood. Then bayara school Manikganj. Raphikauddinera after partition in 1947, his father moved to Dhaka. He took the road babubajare Akmal Khan introduced the printing press in the printing press. Bayara from the school passed the matriculation examination in 1949 and was admitted to the Department of Commerce Rafiquddin Manikganj Devendra College. Although the study was stopped after less than Class I. Father came to Dhaka with the press began to operate. The Jagannath College was admitted to the university. 195 Jagannath College in the university, which is known as the accounting department, where he was a student.
One of the state languages of Pakistan, demanding that Bengali 195 onto the streets of Dhaka Medical College Hospital on February 1 in 144 Rafique took part in the procession down the streets displaying student population. Hostel Dhaka Medical College Hospital, police fired home the shot hit him in the head raphikauddinera. The skull of the dead flies died on the spot. Medical hostel number 17 on the east side of the room, his body was lying. Six of the seven people on the porch in the back of the hall to the left arm and his body Anatomy. Dr. Rafiq Khan masararaphura shot them out of the hands of the head of the military escort yanase Azimpur graveyard at three o’clock in the night, Shahid Rafique’s body was buried. After the Bengali nationalist martyr memorial purbabangabasidera his mind played a significant role in waking consciousness. On the basis of this consciousness through armed liberation independent state of Bangladesh was established on 16 December 1971. The Government of Bangladesh for his contribution to the Language Movement, awarded 000 grants.

Abdul-Jabbar became more of a hero of the great language movement and language martyrs. Ujjbibita national spirit and patriotism of the nation sahidasmrti later inspired. He was the spirit of the liberation armed struggle in 1971, was acquired. Jabbar was born in 1919 on 1326 bangabdera 6 Ashwin pamcaira village Gafargaon upazila in Mymensingh district. Dhopaghata krsibajara local primary school, while the study of poverty after his father abandoned his studies in agriculture helped Abdul Jabbar. His watch had emigrated fifteen years without the knowledge of everyone. There’s an English ship came in contact with them at Narayanganj. Send him a job with Mr. Burma. He is the father of ten to twelve years karenaabadula Jabbar Hasan Ali and his mother’s name Nesa saphatuna. The name of his brothers and AHM Abdul Qader al-Assad eye. Amena Khatun, a young woman from Burma came back home, he was married to. Nurul Islam Badal Amena Jabbar, one of the couple’s son was born. Amena Khatun Jabbar later married after the death of his brother, Abdul Qadir. Atiqullah and Rashida Khatun, Amena and Rafiqullah couple who has three children. 011 5th of September hrdarogajanita Amena Khatun died without treatment.

Abdul-Jabbar’s son was born while his mother was diagnosed with cancer. The mother-in-195 arrived in Dhaka on February 0. Patients admitted to the hospital, Abdul Jabbar, a student of Dhaka Medical College Hospital, home of the students who lived in barracks gaffargaon huramata Ali entered the room. Protesting students clash with police on February 1 to see what happened when he came out of the room. Jabbar was injured and the police started firing. Jabbar rushed to the hospital, doctors declared him dead students. Due to the great Language Movement, Abdul Jabbar unique role in the government of Bangladesh has 000 awarded posthumously.

One of the great Language Movement martyr Abul Barkat another language. He later sahidasmrti national consciousness and patriotism inspired the nation. Because the spirit of the 1971 Bangladesh independence is achieved through armed struggle. Shamsuddin Abul Barkat late father’s name and mother’s name Hasina Begum. Born in India, which is now a district of Murshidabad district in undivided India Bharatpur police station in the village of acacia. Shaheed Barkat sekhanakara talibapura metric from high school in 1945 and in 1947 passed Intermediate examination from Berhampore Krishnanath College. After the establishment of Pakistan in 1948, and moved to Dhaka from Murshidabad and was admitted to the university. BA in Political Science in 1951 from the second to fourth grade Honours degree. He was admitted to post-graduate class. Bengal, demanding that the state of Pakistan’s 195 onto the streets of Dhaka Medical College Hospital on February 1 144 protesters broke the police fired on the crowd displaying student hostel number 1 Abul Barkat was shot on the porch roof. Admitted to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital emergency department, died at eight o’clock at night. Abul Barakatake Azimpur graveyard was buried.
On the night of February 1 195 under the supervision of a magistrate in the presence of relatives of Abul Barkat and his body was buried at Azimpur graveyard. Rafiq Abdus Salam and great national movement and Jabbar, Shafiur Rahman among them, he is one of the language martyrs. The sacrifices made by the Government of Bangladesh for 000 in the great Language Movement martyrs gave Barakatake awarded.

Shafiur Rahman is one of the great Language Movement martyrs. Later sahidasmrti national consciousness and patriotism of the nation. Because the spirit of the country through an armed struggle in 1971, achieved the desired freedom konnagare hayechilasaphiura Rahman was born in Hooghly district of West Bengal, India. Rahman and his father was a superintendent of the post and telegraph offices. Government Commercial College, Calcutta I Com passed twenty-four Parganas Shafiur Rahman took a job in the civil supply office clerk. Aquila tamijauddinera Khatun, daughter of Calcutta in 1945, married nuptials sources. After the partition of the country with his father came to Dhaka and joined the Dhaka High Court as an accounting clerk dena1952salera two branches of February at ten in the morning at the Raghunath Das Lane was leaving for work from home on a bicycle Sofiur. At ten in the morning demanding state Nawabpur Road Opening Bengali language student population demonstration to protest police firing, police again opened fire. Sofiur’s shot hit the back of the police. The injured were admitted to Dhaka Medical College. His body was surgery. <span title=”অস্ত্রোপচার সফল না হওয়ায় সেইদিন সন্ধ্যা সাতটায় তিনি মৃত্যুবরণ করেন।

“>He died the day after successful surgery at seven in the evening.

Deep tribute to the martyrs of the Language Movement was great