Red Fairy
Can all charate
I do not know charate
Oh, let me say that they
Do not worry, you still can not forget you ..
The first in the world
When you are finished
As long as you are going to have to think nihsbesa love.
Although no one gives red fairy
If you or someone gives me a beautiful orange
Who would not compare
Tomari to a friend ..
They understand that no one knows
However, Article yatayai not going to change … <span title=”/:)

“>/ 🙂

<span title=”স্বপ্নে দেখা সেই রাজকন্যা /:)

“>The dream princess / 🙂

Middle of the night and went to sleep that bhanngiye
Suddenly, he came to the house to sleep
You’re the girl
Come home to the sleeping man
He was dear than life.
Are you the apanya
The princess dream. / 🙂