Suman is a village in the city sumanera parents, but his dream of small business in the city baritesumanera much bigger. Suman many people dream of one day she would marry him after he saw a beautiful woman. Suman started to work very hard day and night so that only one of the many that somehow he must be rich.Suman in the city for quite some time has been a long time, he came home in the town of Suman yayanisumanera parents to learn beyond. Suman Suman’s parents come here, but it’s hard to see
I do not see any benefit of the child‘s parents did not write marriage will bring home a beautiful, educated wife.So one day after the wedding of his son might have some of the parents to talk of marriage, Suman and Suman Disability Day Give me time, parents said, okay, you got a long time, but you do not have to get married within six months.Suman think she will buy a house before marriage so he could marry his house after a woman sumana of business in six months, he bought a house.The parents asked her to marry him sumanera is a child.Again, that is why the business is so manayogi Suman Suman, one of the sons of the wife of the house could be just like the time of naara Suman’s wife and small quarrels would often talk kamtakamti.Why is the child of his wife Suman, Suman, and that which does not allow them time to grow and to continue the habebesa few days after watching his Suman has been fairly well developed, and there is no need to improve.Suman will be out of business so the thought of all that, and now I just give her time to children.There are only a few days left before the idulaphitara Suman pensive mood since she was a child until he is still a feast with his wife and children did not, so I thought Suman he will celebrate with his wife and children.I saw it was the worst time of the day saw only three days left to celebrate Eid sumana his fellow activists from the village was home to say goodbye.Suman Suman’s wife also gave the phone with us, you will be celebrating Eid Eid with you, I thought I’d said yes sumana.Suman kenakamta festival ended early in the morning and go to your house in the morning paradina Suman said goodbye to her very close to a few friends Suman had finished speaking with them, there will come a time when coming up from sitting with his hand on his chest and sat back.Suman’s friends took him to the hospital, where doctors examined Suman saw that he was dead, his news was hard stock. He did not return home with the children stri Suman Suman and Eid was not alive.