Zamzam well in Mecca Mosque located inside a historic well. M is 0 to about 66 feet away from the Kaaba. According to the Islamic prophet Ibrahim (AS), his wife Hagar (AS) and sons Ismail (peace be upon him), who left the desert after Ismail (AS) is the creation of foot injuries. People drink water from the Sacred Mosque karenaisalamera history of the origin of the well of Zamzam are described. The Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), his second wife Hagar (AS), and sons Ismail (peace be upon him), who deserted wilderness with God’s command to leave Mecca. She left her food and drink at the end (AS) in search of water surrounding mountains of Safa and Marwa seven times, was run. At that time the crying child Ishmael (peace be upon him) came out of the water burst out of the ground with their feet. She came back to the scene (peace be upon him) with a stone down a well if it takes the form of water bound. At that time, she (AS) as well as the water of Zamzam Zamzam stop telling hayecheparabartite Since then the name of the Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) by the side of the Kaaba was rebuilt. Before Adam (AS), built in the time, but subsequently destroyed. Muslims face the Kaaba during prayers stand. Kaba from the well of Zamzam about 0 m (66 ft) durejamajama well was renovated several times. At first it was surrounded by stone. Later, when the Caliph al-Mansur in 771 on the dome and marble tiles are installed. It was more of the Caliph al-Mahdi. Kaba is currently the premises can not be seen well.

It has been kept in underground water from the pumps and the water was extracted. Sacred Mosque, Abdul Aziz ibn Saud hayabadasaha supplied at different places of Zamzam water to the east and south, was built in two places. To the south and east of 6 3 tape is fitted. The Kaaba is located at 1 meter away from the well is uttalita 0 million barrels water. The well is currently underground. 1403 AH Saudi King for the distribution of water this spring, according to a royal decree of the Ministry of Hajj jamajema unified portfolio is composed of direct supervision. A president and a vice president at the total of 11 members and over 5 workers and employees are engaged.