A Bangladeshi film was released in 005 thousand years. Renowned film director, novelist and short story writer Zahir Raihan’s classic novel of the same title was created based on the film over the years. The film has been directed by the government grant a period of Zahir Raihan’s wife Kohinoor Akhter Suchanda famous film actress. Mantu the two main characters in the film and has played tunira Riaz and new moon. Also Shahanur, Suchanda, ATM and others have played samujjamana. With efficient style of film to create highly Suchanda film connoisseurs have been discussed. Meril Prothom Alo Award and won the National Film Award and the Best Film Award. The film, including Best Film Award, a special award Meril Prothom Alo Award and a total of four sections, and the National Film Award Award received 005 of a total of six sections. His speed of river flows. Tree flowers. Birds fly in the sky of my heart sing. Flowing for thousands of years in the life of love and hope, despair and love to play it, despite the darkness, it is not easily seen. Whatever is there is no right of women in society and the solid orthodoxy. Women’s puppet only. Nacaya much as her male dance. Icchete to marry someone who’s committed a serious crime in the society. If you live in the dark every nook and corner of the society, superstition, child marriage, polygamy, violence against women.

A village is built on the bank of lake fairy tale. No one can say when the village was founded. A flood water raft floating floating Ban kasema Sikder and his wife had come to this place to go. <span title=”সেই থেকে এখানে পত্তন হয়েছিল শিকদার বাড়ির ।

“>Sikder was built from the house.

Sikder elderly living at home, and his three wives, including the Minister Maqbool ATM Shamsuzzaman Fakir’s mother Najma Anwar Siraj Haider Rashid and Riyaz role Mantar and many more. Astadasi wife Shashi tunira old Maqbool Maqbool mind does not want to abide by the rule. He wants to laugh and play under the open sky walk. So opt for a younger partner mantake sathamadehi. A young man who lost parents Anath Mantar. Of those works. Tuni Mantar everyone else behind the rest of the night fishing. Lily goes to the rainy season. Thus they came to be two. They both love Untold tide floats. But one can not speak of the heart the mouth of anyone who expressed fear of shame. Keeps them away from the eyes of the blood. Opened in the spring epidemic of cholera which is gerame Gaon was hit a few people in the room. Thus, instead of easing the day goes to the doctor for many amulets someone ran quickly toward the battle or ran away to live life on life happened. <span title=”মকবুলের আকস্মিক মৃত্যর পর মন্ত যখন মনের কথা টুনিকে খুলে বলে তখন অনেক দেরী হয়ে যায় ।

“>After the sudden death when the heart tunike Mantar Maqbool told him he was too late.

Mullah times, abali, key, Fakir’s mother, Saleha there is none. I do not see many days with tunira Mantar. Tuni has lost his life, but sometimes I remember tunike Mantar. Thus passed a lot of time continuously. Surat Ali, son of his father at night to read the same book. Listen, listen, listen bandhugane bheluyara the mind to hear something universally. Beautiful bheluya all the sane. The same melody, the same tune, all went ahead with a history of a thousand years of darkness. Similar readings on the night of a thousand-year-old jotsana melody floats in the air.

Whorl side during the period. Nature changed. They do not just change the dark kusanskarachanna Rural acalayatana society. The mother and sisters of women continues on from generation to generation. This is not just another Bengali movie anyabadhya wife, mother in law, such as war. The film has been shown to be a woman, a mother, a son of the bride, another woman was tortured.

Each village is violence against women in Bengal. Child marriage in the name of the woman was pushed to dhansera. Women’s Day to all of today’s personal request egiye more women come stand beside them. Learn to think of the women’s mother and sister.Brothers and sisters, I am married to your stri or the future of his parents, his brothers and sisters from all the red sari holding your hand, so you have to think After marriage, you are the only one of your stri confidence you have more than one of its own. Women’s Day to be successful.