My childhood is a different type from the type of horror story or interest to read the books know why it was a bit too much. When she went to the house of his maternal uncles Class I khakhana thrite pariamara crazy uncle was quite a book. Uncle of the book are arranged in an eyeball hedges hedges books. When reading a book in front of me dainibidya greed and could not hold. <span title=”টাক থেকে নামিয়ে পড়া শুরু করে দিলাম ।

“>Alopecia started to fall down.

The book was written about the practice of different types of magic or superhuman powers. However, sometimes addhabhuta addhabhuta uncle Abul tabula system would do and how it grew to become the new mantra. <span title=”বইটি পড়া শেষে মামা আসলেন আমি মামাকে বললাম মামা আমি যাদু শিখব মামা আমাকে অনেক বোঝানোর চেষ্টা করলেন যে এই সব জাদুকরী তন্ত্র মন্ত্র আমার পক্ষে শেখা সম্ভব না ।

“>After reading the book, I came maternal uncle said: ‘Mama, Mama, I learn magic tried to convince me that this is a lot for me to learn the magic spell system is not possible.

Once caught, but who listens to whom insist on learning the witchcraft charabai mama said, you still see a lot of parents with younger, I would not be all this magic. You learn to read in school text books rather than that of an aircraft or pailota injiyara hobby. <span title=”আমি মনে মনে ভাবি হু আমি শিখমু ডাইনিবিদ্যা আর ডাইনিবিদ্যা শেখা শেষ করে একটি ডাইনি রাজ্যে যেয়ে ডাইনি রাজ্যের রাজার ডাইনি রাজ কন্যাকে বিয়ে করবো ।

“>I think I’m Hu sikhamu dainibidya dainibidya the state while learning a witch witch witch king’s daughter will be married in the state.

Since the beginning of the night when the uncle anusarana mama to go where it was not what caught his uncle did not prevail. <span title=”আর মামা মাকে বলে আমাকে আমাদের বাড়িতে পাঠিয়ে দিলেন ।

“>And his mother’s uncle sent me to our house.

One night I saw in a dream, I’m lying sleep suddenly have a home visit. Many of the old house. There is no man around the house, an old man lokati questions posed to me was seeing this boy, why are you here?
It was nice to see the house from the outside, so I went to see the inside of the house. Now go back to your home, and said he has seen an old grandpa I ekigo Why are you doing? <span title=”সে বৃদ্ধ লোকটি বললো সে তুমি বুঝবে না যত তারাতারি সম্ভব তুমি এখান থেকে চলে যাও ।

“>The old man said he did not understand, you go away from here as soon as possible.

I said, ‘Grandpa, do you have my old grandson, he said no, then your grandpa grandson Well now, what would she give him tariye. He listened to my grandfather, brother of one of the cheek with a smile and said, earning him come to me, I went to one of the legs, feet and he asked me, what’s your name? <span title=”আমি বললাম ছোটন কুমার লোকটি আমার মুখের দিকে বেশ কিছুক্ষন তাকিয়ে থেকে বললো শোন আমি তোকে তোর ভালোর জন্যই চলে যেতে বলেছি এ বাড়িটি একটি অভিশপ্ত বাড়ি এখানে কেউ একবার আসলে সহজে আর জীবিত ফিরে যেতে পারে না ।

“>Soton Kumar, the man I looked at my face and said, Behold, I have quite a bit is good for you, you have to leave your house at once, no one here is actually a cursed house can not easily go back alive.

This is a ghost house, I asked him what grandpa it is bhutare home? Listen, he told me he was a long time ago, it was one of the king’s house atyacaraka se forcing the king had been projadera of many.
<span title=”তার সব থেকে খারাপ অবস্থা ভয়ানক পরিনীতির জন্য তিনি নিজেই দায়ী ।

“>He was responsible for the bad condition of the terrible parinitira.

He’s the king of the house of the prince that she was the daughter of a poor woodcutter with his secret love relationship was one of the people. Every day she met the prince, she was in the garden with the daughter of Woodman One time, she slowly came to know all the news of the king’s hearing Rajmahal
Raja prince who he was angry love to hear about it. I am the king, the prince, the son of a king and I
<span title=”সে কিনা একজন গরীব ভিক্ষারী কাঠুরিয়ার মেয়েকে বিয়ে করবে না এ কিছুতেই হতে পারে না ।

“>Whether or not she will marry the daughter of a poor woodcutter bhiksari can not be anything.

He called the king’s royal guard, the poor woodcutter to the family said. According to the decree of the king and the royal family for the army to go to the poor woodcutter brought him a lot of them tortured and killed puroparibarake. <span title=”সে কথা জানতে পেরে রাজকুমার আত্মহর্ত্যা করলো ।

“>She knew the prince was atmahartya.

He died suddenly a few days after the Queen. Only the royal family, the king lived alone. And the king was alive a few days
Peace did not for a moment because the brutal oppression of the poor woodcutter died fell into the curse of the black ghost of the dead soul tadera abasese became the king was put to death the souls of the dead since the beginning of the oppression of the house, but no man can be, and strive alive at night when I sleep in the morning is to see him dead.
Oh, quite sleepy, my grandfather, I say a little sleep, I wake up in the morning, he went to sleep in bed with my grandfather’s house bisanaya. I understood then that I had a dream bhutare.