The Brooklyn Museum manuscript of the Quran.


According to the twenty-three-year-long pieces in the history of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was sent to the Holy Qur’an. In total there are 114 Surah in the Quran. 6236 total number of verses or verse. The Quran was revealed in Arabic, basically. According to the Quran, revealed a series of volumes of religious thought in the last book. Many historical events are mentioned in the Qur’an, which is quite similar to the dharmiyagranthera baibelasaha other dissimilarities, however, not less. According to the Quran, the Islamic language is irreversible.

British Museum, 11th-century North African Quran.

The Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammad is the prophet of God, in which the words or statement (s) on the Arabic language was revealed. The Quran is a miracle or a wonder world for human sampradayera book guiding human beings. The Qur’an contains all the problems of human life and it is a complete code of life.

Mashhad, Iran, in which Ali DLit awarded by the Quran written

The first four verses of the Quran were revealed 96th Surah Alaq

There are a total length of 114 Surah in the Quran. A total of nearly 6236 each verse of Surah Al has a name. Has been named in various ways, but in most cases, has been chosen as the name of the word used in verse inside. Moreover, there is a name which is not used in the interior, such as Surah Al-Fatihah Surah Fatiha, the term has no place. There is a specific kit contain. Sorting them according to the continuity of the landing did not. It can be seen from a lot of the younger Al-sorted according to the physical layout, it is not quite right, because I do not know anyone. And in many cases has surah of short suras are also permissible. However, in the wake of a chapter or part of its consistency is believed to have been sent with.
Manajila Surahs of the Qur’an except Al-Fatihah, the first of a class. Hijba muphassila carry an important meaning. The 7 manajilera all the suras were together. Manajilagulo are:

Manajila 1 = 3 chapter, namely, 24
Manajila = 5 chapter two, namely, 5-9
Manajila 3 = 7 chapter, namely, 10-16
Manajila 4 = 9 chapter, namely, 1725
Manajila 5 = 11 chapter, namely, 2636
Manajila 6 = 13 chapter, namely, 37-49
Manajila 7 = 65 chapter, namely, 50-114


There are a total of 30 chapters in the Quran or failure. Through this paragulora has been divided into 114 Surahs. Paragulo Surahs of the Holy Quran in different sizes, but nearly equal size. According to the teachings of the Quran memorization is made to be sadharanatama. Here are places where this could be organized according to the text of the Qur’an is.
The verses of the Quran
Adesamulaka verses = 1000
Nisedhamulaka verses = 1000
Bhitimulaka verses = 1000
Pratijnamulaka verses = 1000
Remarkable verses = 1000
Itihasamulaka verses = 1000
Prasansamulaka verse = 50
Purnatamulaka verses = 100
Uddesyamulaka verse = 50
Other = 66
<span title=”মোট আয়াত সংখ্যা= ৬৬৬৬

“>The total number of verses = 6666

<span title=”কুরআনের বিভিন্ন সুরা এবং আয়াতের খেতাব

“>And verse in the Qur’an Sura title

Sura Rahman Quran crown =
Al-Baqarah of the Quran throne =
Quran Surah Yasin mind =
Al-Fatiha of the Quran mother =

There are 114 Surah in the Quran.They are as follows:

1. Al-Fatiha (the beginning)
II. Al-Baqarah (heifer)
3. Al-Imran (Imran Family)
4. An-Nisa (Women)
5. Al mayidaha (food served on the table)
6. Al-Anaam (livestock)
7. Al-Araf (high places)
8. Al-Anfal (the war-gained wealth)
9. Al-taobah (repentance)
10. Yunus (Jonah)
11. Hud (Prophet Hud)
1. Yusuf (Prophet Joseph),
13. The Raad (Lightning),
14. Abraham (Prophet Ibrahim)
15. Surah Al-Hijr (the rocky hills),
16. An-Nahl (The Bee)
17. Children of Israel (the Jewish people),
18. Al-Kahf (cave)
19. Mary (Mary (Jesus’ mother))
20tboya-ha (Ta-Ha)
1. Al-Anbiya (The Prophets)
Twenty. Al hajjba (Hajj)
3. Al Mominoon (believers)
4. An-Nur (light),
5. Al-Furqan (gramtha determining the difference between right and wrong),
6. Al-suara (poets)
7. An namla (ant)
8. Al-Qasas (The Story)
9. Al anakabuta (spider)
30. The room (Roman people),
31. Lokmana (a wise man)
3. As Sajdah (prostration)
33. Al ahyaba (Alliance)
34. Saba (The Queen of Sheba / Ceiba)
35. Fathi (Originator)
36. Yaseen (Yaseen)
37. As chaphphata (line-up)
38. Soad (Arabic letters)
39. -Adh-Zumar (grouped people),
40. Al-Mu’min (believer)
41. Ha Mim Sajdah (obvious details)
4. Ash-Shura (consultation)
43. Adh–Shura (gold),
44. Al-dokhana (smoke),
45. Al jasiyaha (knees),
46. Al ahkbapha (sand hill),
47. Muhammad (Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)),
48. Al phatha (victory, the conquest of Makkah)
49. Al-Hujurat (basagrhasamuha)
50. Qaf (Qaf)
51. Al-Dhariyat (biksepakari air)
52atba Tur (Mount)
53. An-Najm (The)
54. Al-Qamar (Moon)
55. And Rahman (the Most Merciful)
56. Al oyakbiyah (confirmed cases)
57ala-Hadid (Iron)
58. Al-blowjobs (anuyogakarini)
59ala-Hashr (assembly)
60. Al-abundantly (Women, which will be tested)
61asa clean (sarabandi army),
62ala-Friday (Conference / Friday)
63ala-munaphikuna (hypocritical)
64ata-Taghabun (fascination removal),
65. At-Talaq (divorce),
66ata-Tahrim (Prohibition)
67ala-Mulk (sovereign power),
68. Al-pen (pen),
69. Al-Qalam (absolute truth),
70. Al-Haaqqah (of stairs)
71. He (the Prophet Nooh)
7. Al-jinn (genii people)
73. Al mujammila (bastracchadanakari)
74ala Muddaththiru (clothed)
75ala-Enveloped (punaruttana)
76ada-Dahr (time),
77. Al-Insan (prophet)
78ana Naba ‘(tremendous tidings)
79. An nayiyata (essayist)
80. Abasa (He did not frown)
81. Al-takabhira (obsessed)
8. Al-inaphitara (cleave)
83. At mutbaphphiphina (to cheat)
84. Al inasikaka (part-fall performing)
85. Al-tower (naksatrapunja)
86. Al-tarikba (strangers in the night)
87. Al-A’la (High),
88. Al gasiyah (bihbalakara events),
89. Al-Fajr (dawn)
90. Al Balad (town)
91. Ash-Shams (The Sun)
9. Al-Lail (night)
93. Ad Duha (purbanhera suryakirana)
94. Al-Sharh (Widening of the chest),
95. At Tin (fig)
96. Al-Alak (embryo)
97. Al-Qad (glorious)
98. Al baiyyinaha (clear proof)
99. Al yilyala (earthquake)
100. Al Earthquake (campaigner)
101. Al kbariyaha (distress),
10 June. At takasura (luxury competition),
103. Al-Asr (Time)
104. Al humayaha (slanderer),
105. Al-Fil (elephant),
106. Quraysh (tribe of Quraish)
107. Al-Maun (aid),
108. Al-Kawthar (Abundance)
109. Al Kafirun (unbelieving group),
110. An-Nasr (heavenly help),
111. Al-Lahab (embers)
112. Al-Ikhlas (Oneness)
113ala Falaq (nisibhora)
114. An-Nas (Mankind)

Great for all of us to read the Quran and Quranic language bojharamata Tawfiq Allah, may give strength and wisdom.