This is portrayed in the Bible, God’s throne in 1696.
In particular, the throne of God in the Abrahamic religions, Islam, Christianity and the Jewish religion, the position described. It’s called the Throne of Allah, Islam, Arabic al-Throne, Throne of God to Christians and Jews, known as the arabata. In the Creator’s throne, has been mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. It is located in seventh heaven after heaven.
According to Islam
Islam is the religion of Allah’s Throne Manzil subahanu Allah is the greatest. According to Islam, the religion of belief in God as a sign of power, has created the Throne Manzil. Al-Qur’an 5 Manzil mentioned in the Throne. 3 numbers, such as the word of verse 116 of Surah Al-Pilgrimage has been called. God is glorified King, true, there is no deity except Him, Lord of the Throne of Honour.
Those who bear the Throne and those who are around to celebrate and praise the Lord that they believed in him .. Al muminah verse 7
And you will see that is surrounded on all sides phirisatara Throne, celebrate the praise of their Lord, and they will be addressed in the judgment, and to be honest, I would say, Praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds koraanah Surah Al-Jumu’ah today, 30 of Surah , verse 75
Al-Qur’an, Surah Al-Baqarah ie, God revealed to the throne or ie. In this verse, Allah, in the name of al-Hai, has been talking to Al-Qayyum. According to a Hadith, the Messenger (peace be upon him) said, after prayers on Kursi ie the person who will read the text in its rewards Garden, and if it can be saved from the evil one. According to the Manjil US Throne hadith above the highest heaven, where phiradausera Rose Garden after the trial of Resurrection, Allah will stay in contact with his beloved servants,

It is seated on the throne of God the Father, Westphalia, Germany, impressed the 15th century.
Christianity grudging:
Throne of God, the Bible or the New Testament has been described as a couple. David’s throne, the Throne of Glory, to the Throne of Grace and many more. <span title=”ইহুদি ধর্মে বর্ণিত স্বর্গকেও, নতুন বাইবেলে গডের সিংহাসন হিসেবে বর্ণনা করা হয়েছে।

“>Jewish religion and described the heavens, to the throne of God in the Bible is described as new.

Judaism grudging:
Mikaiyaha 1 Kings X, 19, Isaiah, Isaiah 6, ijikiyela (ijikiyela 1) and Daniel (Daniel 7.9) Everyone has mentioned the throne of God.

This is the eternal resting Vishnu. Goddess Lakshmi is her padaseba.
According to the Hindu religion
According to the Vaishnava Hindu god Vishnu or sesanga end up being the throne. In the end, a lot of time is referred to as the eternal end or the end of the beginning. This last comment is usually mounted in a seat where the dugdhasagare been sleeping Vishnu. <span title=”তিনি কখনো পাঁচ বা সাত মাথা আবার কখনো হাজার মাথা নিয়ে আবির্ভূত হন।

“>He sometimes five or seven heads of the thousands of head appeared.

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