The American Civil War in the United States organized a regional conflict in which the US federal government and some provinces are organized based on the revolutionary 11 slaves. Under the leadership of President Jefferson Davis before the 11 provinces declared themselves separate from the United States and the Confederate States of America was named. They were against the government of President Abraham Lincoln and the Union of the Republican party who had opposed the expansion of slavery.
War sucanah
The four-year war began 1 April 1861, when Confederate forces attacked Fort samatare positioned in one of the federal forces. Sucanadayi khandayuddhati known as the Fort samatarera khandayuddha. The American Civil War, also known as inter-provincial war or civil war, which began in 1861 until 1865, when the United States was committed to the elimination of seven dasarajya Confederate States of America made the American Union. The rest of the province or state in which the Union is to have the union or the common name. Slavery is the beginning of the war in a matter of too little, and in particular the extension of slavery into the western states. No power has any kind of foreign interference. Throughout the four years of the war, and more than 600 000 soldiers were killed, and most of the infrastructure in the south faced destruction. Confederacy was destroyed slavery was abolished at the same time began to claim their promised national unity and the newly liberated slaves remake of a very difficult process. Abraham Lincoln’s 1860 presidential election, the United States states dasprathara ripablikara party opposed expansion. Lincoln won seven in 1861 before his dayitbagrahanera dasarajya confederacy formed that the economy was based on the loom. The outgoing ruling Democratic President James Buchanan and ripablikanara rejected the boycott illegal. Lincoln’s opening statement announced that his administration will not start a civil war. Eight called for a boycott of the state continues to reject the union. Confederate forces captured the stronghold of the Confederacy. One of them is committed to peace talks and the two sides are unable to show any kind of solution tends to be equipped ranasaje. Kanaphedaretara hope that the European powers had to intervene because they are reliant King Cotton. Ironically, they did it, and no one has recognized the new Confederate forces. The violence began on 1 April 1861, when Confederate forces at Fort samatarera shells rain on it. It was a very important fortress, South Carolina, under the Union forces. Lincoln castle restoration of the supply of troops to be called for each state. Later, four more dasarajya kanaphedaresite joined the Confederate states in the total number of 11 seats. Union took control of the border states and the naval blockade as a result of the collapse of the economy in the south. Between 1861 and 1862 the role of the East, was questioned enough. Kanaphedaretara the autumn of 1862 was whether a union state of Maryland, which is inert. Kanaphedaretara the intervention of the British were forced to retreat. Lincoln’s famous Emancipation Proclamation abolished slavery, it was declared, and he was declared objective. In 1862 the Union Navy Confederate forces west and then west to destroy the Confederate forces destroyed a large majority. Bhiksabarga Union forces occupied the Mississippi duipase confederacy was split into two.