This is the Spanish Civil War of the Spanish Civil War .It broader sense, which is a civil war from 1936 to 1939, had taken place. He was in favor of the civil war, who were loyal to the Democratic Republic of the Second Spanish Republic tilted to the left and nationalists on the other hand was a phalanjista group led by Francisco Franco. Nationalists won the civil war and the Franco ruled Spain for 36 years. From April 1939 until November 1975 ruled his death.
By overthrowing the old system to the establishment of the Republic in July 1936, when Franco’s Moroccan army in Spain, Franco’s fascists had reached the base of the expected loss for the democratically-elected government would not be possible. Spain to defend the rights of farmers and their workers spontaneously came together and were hoping that the West, especially in England and France ganatantragulo this spardhake Franco will not tolerate anything dumb. But the excitement was not to go down into the shell intarabhenasanera phrankokei indirectly helped England and France. Italy and Germany directly to the backing Franco has joined the war. It was clear that during the civil war as a result of the Spanish Civil War was actually a rehearsal for the Second World War.The total death toll is disputed. British historian of the Civil War as a result of the crackdown 200000 Antonio Franco wrote bibhor and 38,000 were massacred in the red terror. Julius Rouge have agreed that the dispute about the number of death sentences 37.843 republican areas were occupied, and Franco’s Spain, 150,000 people were killed and 50,000 people after the war.
Spanish Civil War grave sites. Location of known burial places. Colors refer to the type of intervention that has been carried out. Green: No Interventions Undertaken so far. White: Missing grave. Yellow: Transferred to the Valle de los Caídos. Red: Fully or Partially Exhumed. Blue star: Valle de los Caídos. Source: Ministry of Justice of Spain
A Spanish judge balatasara garjana 008 from July 1951 until December 17, 1936, 114266 people were killed and disappeared people who want to open an investigation report. Federico Garcia Lorca’s murder in the death of the poet and playwright, who was investigating the report.The events of the October Revolution
Great October Socialist Revolution in October or November Revolution or the Russian Revolution or the Bolshevik Revolution, the Russian Revolution of 1917, which caused a part of a political revolution. This is in accordance with the Julian calendar and the Gregorian calendar on October 5, 1917, according to the St. Petersburg on November 7, 1917, was committed by an armed coup.
The leader of the October Revolution and was a major force in the hands of the working class and the poor peasants miliyechilo. The victory of the revolution in Russia had become a political sense, advanced. One sixth of the world revolution in a country-wide large masses freed from capitalist slavery. Only a social revolution for the working class and toiling peasants and ordinary democratic freedom did not solve the problems of ethnic Russians was the evening of October 5 th 1917, Aurora was the roar of artillery, warships of the Russian bourgeoisie, the last bastion of the winter palace, the winner of the attack. At the same time the opening of the assembly smolanira petragrada emergency session of the Soviet Union. The final precision precision and simple language summary of events that the worker and peasant revolution, Lenin, the Bolsheviks about the need to always come to pass. October was the social development of socialist mahabiplaba exclusive class niyamasangata way pujibadera situations. There was a first victory of socialism in the world facing the state.