Bikini swimsuit kind used primarily for girls. Fabrics made of it by the width, which covers the body weakly. A portion of the breasts and buttocks, and the other part of the hop-joint cover. While covering hip condition is optional. Between two parts of the typically bare string bikini tankini, but the case does not apply. Usually during hot weather and swim wear is. Two girls in bikini underwear can be used as part of the two. Thong or G-string from the lower part of the range of relatively shorts may be covered square. <span title=”মারিয়াম-ওয়েবস্টার অভিধানে (১১তম সংস্করণ) বিকিনিকে ‘মেয়েদের দুই প্রস্থ বিশিষ্ট গোসলের পোষাক’, ‘ছেলেদের ব্রিফ সাঁতারের পোষাক’, এবং ‘ছেলে বা মেয়েদের লো-কাট ব্রিফ’ হিসেবে অভিহিত করা হয়েছে।

“>Merriam-Webster s Collegiate Dictionary (11th edition), the bikini as “two girls bathing dress width  Brief swimsuit boys ‘, and’ a man’s or woman’s low-cut briefs” were.

The modern bikini was discovered in 1946, and was invented by French engineer Louis riyarda automobiles. In July of the same year, the United States nuclear tests in the Pacific island of Bikini ayatale Operation krasarodasera named after his newly discovered clothes bikini. The name is likely to cause explosion of excitement because of the dress, which was a nuclear explosion would be like.

In 1949, the Los Angeles Times published a report in 1948 to be named Miss America bebe shop Hien has been quoted:Beauty Queen bathim golden hair, a right-Hopkins, Minnesota, 18-year-old bebe stores, anandocchasapurna reception in Paris, but the French swimwear he did not change his attitude. <span title=”বেবে তাঁর ফরাসি সাক্ষাৎকার গ্রহণকারীকে বলেন, ‘আমি বিকিনিকে আমেরিকান মেয়েদের জন্য উপযোগী মনে করি না, ফরাসি নারীরা চাইলে বিকিনি পরতে পারে, কিন্তু আমি এখনো আমেরিকান মেয়েদের ক্ষেত্রে বিকিনি ব্যবহার গ্রহণযোগ্য মনে করি না।’”[১]

“>Bebe her French interviewers said, “I do not think the bikini for American girls, French girls can wear if you want to, but I still do not approve of the use of American girls.

Perhaps the most popular female beachwear bikini worldwide. According to French fashion historian Olivier Saillard, “women’s power, not fashion.” Rabies he explains it, “women swimwear has always been linked to the liberation of women.” [Ii] enapidi Group, a consumer and retail information company, according to the mid-000’s only been in business for nearly 81.1 million total industry in bikinis US dollars. [3] In addition, bikini, bikini waxing and tanning industries are radically San Antonio.