A history of the history of the bikini is highly variable. The earliest evidence of the copper era bikini. Kyatalahoiuka southern part of Anatolia at that time, a goddess who was seated behind the duipase two leopard bikini clothes were similar to the present time.  In addition, some of the previous 1400 years BC, the Greek painting of two girls in athletic activities were seen wearing square.working women of ancient Greece myasatodetana (mastodeton) or ayapodesamasa (apodesmos) called on the tape used to wear similar clothes, lingerie, which is considered as the Middle Ages.  men in ancient Greece perijoma (perizoma) (a kind of thick prominent part of the briefs) to wear out When women performers and acrobats continued to wear it. BC 286305 BC in Sicily Villa Romana del kasalera seen pictures of girls in bikinis in mosaics on the floor painting. , it was the name of a photo of a bikini top ten ‘bikini girls .  this model is the most frequently nakalakrta mosaic mosaic model, whose colorful tiles around 3.7 million.  pampeiye archaeologists have found evidence of the Roman goddess Venus wearing a bikini. <span title=”ভেনাসের একটি মূর্তিতে এই প্রমাণ পাওয়া যায়।[১২]

“>This is evidenced by a statue of Venus.

The modern bikini was introduced in 1907, began to occur when Australian swimmer Annette single width kilaramyana Boston was arrested for wearing clothes that specializes in swimwear. Later, in 1910, women’s clothing in public places such as swimming wear was recognized. Esakoyara of his bikini photo publishing magazines and Postmaster General of the United States in the legal battle continued until 1943. In 1913, fashion designer Karl jyantajena for the first time in Olympic swimming events to swim the two-square garments. It was the bottom of single width tight shorts, and sleeveless tops as the top cover.  discovered a new type of building material after lasteksa and nylon, by 1934 the swimsuit started to stick more with the body, and to facilitate the tanning shoulder introduced styapera is.