According to the Big Bang theory of the universe may have formed from a dense point.
According to the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe Cosmology is a scientific theory. One feature of this theory is that the universe originated in a continuous process instead of a special moment. The theory says the universe about 13.7 billion years ago resulted from a tremendously dense and hot state. Edwin Hubble scientists said the overall velocity of distant galaxies moving away from each other, they can be seen in the universe is expanding. Lyametra Friedmann-Robertson-Walker metric of general relativity theory as it has been interpreted. The theories of the past, analysis has shown that the universe may have formed from an ancient point. This is all the matter and energy was very heated and dense. But what happened before Physicists have no aikamatyya. However, the previous period of general relativity, gravitational singularity singulariti called for an explanation of a word karechemaha powerful blast at a point explosion in a narrow sense, the term refers to the creation of the universe was. On the other hand the origin and structure of the blast at the center of the universe cosmology refers to the doctrine that has been created. About the structure of the oldest objects in the universe through the Big Bang theory explains the theory behind Alpha-Bethe-gyamapha has been made. A significant result of the Big Bang the universe is now completely different from the past and the future. Gyamapha this theory in 1948, George was able to predict the existence of cosmic microwave background radiation. It was discovered in the 1960s and much of the steady state theory is corroborated by canceling the Big Bang theory.

Dabliumyapa the satellite gathering data to understand the Big Bang – the picture painted by the artist to draw
Since the structure of the universe, and with the theoretical Big Bang theory. Space Observers that most spiral nebulae were receding from Earth. However, after further explanation of the cosmological said. We now know that what they have been watching niharikagulo were galaxies outside our own Milky Way galaxy, but it is not. In 1927, a Belgian Roman Catholic missionary George observations independently of the Einstein field equations Friedmann equations from the demonstration. Einstein’s field equations of general relativity was founded. After a series of spiral galaxy recession upapadanera Friedmann equations based on the proposed lyametra. Suggests that the universe may have formed from a primeval atom, known as the Big Bang.
Just two years later, Edwin Hubble provided an observational evidence supporting the theory presented lyametrara. He discovered that, seen from Earth, light from other galaxies are being removed and the removal of red proportional to their distance from Earth. That is, in a galaxy far away from Earth as well as the long wavelengths of light from the red spectrum is moving better. This phenomenon is now known as Hubble’s law paricitabisbatattbika according to the principles of the universe, when viewed on sufficiently large distance scales or with no particular direction, and space is not available. This principle is true in accordance with the Hubble proved that the universe is expanding. But this theory developed by Einstein’s theories are opposed to the infinite and unchanging.
There are two distinct possibilities. Fred Hoyle in a steady state design, in which the universe began to expand in the creation of new matter may be. According to the design of the universe is roughly the same at any point in time. Lyametrara one of the Big Bang theory, which has been perfected by the George gyamapha. This theory was called, but hayelai lyametrara. Hoyle 8 March 1949, called on the BBC Third Programme pun very much in accord with the theory of the Big Bang, called lyametrara which means a huge gandagolai. Beyond him to use this name can be seen in various programs. In 1950, five lectures on religion, particularly in the objects lyametrara theory to explain the use of the name. Within a week of lectures to be broadcast each were published in The Listener. The name was first used in print in the newspaper the Big Bang. In addition to these two design proposed by Hoyle and observations about the origin of the universe is offering several design. Notably in the mine design Milne model, Richard Tolman’s oscillatory universe and Fritz Zwicky’s tired light hypothesis.
Steady state for some time and sufficient acceptance of the Big Bang theory was so split between the two was plenty. Over time, many of the most important observation is attained, but the first evidence of the theory rather than the second. In 1964, the discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation in the universe since the Big Bang theory of the origin and evolution is accepted as the most useful theories. In modern cosmological research is a cornerstone of the Big Bang theory of the creation and evolution of galaxies in the light of the process divulge. Moreover, because of what had happened and how the Big Bang is the cosmological Judging from. The Big Bang theory of cosmology observations with the current progress largely depends on coordination. The Big Bang of 1990, the research has become much easier. And the effectiveness of ultra-high-power telescope makes it possible. At present, there are people in Kobe, like the Hubble Space Telescope and dabliumyapa high-power binoculars. As a result, many of the current bisbatattbabidara easily can measure the amount of the Big Bang. And it was possible due to the unexpected discovery that the expansion of the universe is tbaramana.