Young Turk revolution took place in 1908. 1878 is going to be suspended and reinstated the parliament and the constitutional era of the Ottoman Empire is the second. This is an event during the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Turkish nationalist, secularist pascatyapanthi, minorities such as Greeks, Armenians and several other reformists from the parliament after the revolution hayechilabiplabera and the 1876 constitution is reinstated. Sultan Abdul Hamid II in 1878, it was suspended. As a result of the constitutional era ended its short-lived. The constitutional change was not easy. As a result of the revolution was to break the local frontiers. In 1909, for the reestablishment of the monarchy is a counter-coup. Later known as the March 31 incident, which took place in the Young Turks were defeated and the counter abhyutthanakarira gain power. The new organization of the Committee of Union and Progress led.

The revolution began in mid-April 1908. That year mesidoniyara Third Army marched to Constantinople. Major Ahmed Niazi from the capital for fear of a search committee to withdraw from the race on July 3. 00 followers were with him. Due to the popularity of the movement among the soldiers of the sultan failed attempt to suppress. Due to the ideology of Ottomanism rebels spread widely. Sultan Abdul Hamid II surrendered on July 4 and announced the reinstatement of the 1876 constitution.

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“>Since 1908 gathering in Constantinople sulatanaahameda

Young Turk revolution of 1908 that the results are important
The emergence of a new elite ruling class.
Next year, the fifth Sultan Abdul Hamid II to hand over power to Muhammad.
Ottoman military and civil administration to consolidate and 1913 paved the way for the coup.
Young Turk Committee of Union and Progress to merge small.
The new politics of the Ottoman Committee of Union and Progress became saktikendre.
Earlier, the head of the Armenian community in the Ottoman Empire became illegal as a representative of the Federation of Armenian rebhalusanari uthetara before 1908 as a result of the Armenian elite goes to space. This group was composed of merchants, artists and clergy before. They called Ottomanism is more favored casting their future state structure.
Some communities, such as the Young Turks, in imitation of the conservative elite group of Jewish reformist government replaced by a new sanskarabadidera meet their place.