Sagarei the world’s deepest sinkhole in southern China have claimed that a group of Chinese researchers. The 987-foot deep sinkhole from the bottom of the sea, the Bahamas’ Blue-hola-more than 300 feet deep, he said.
So Bahamas’ Blue-hola-Kei were considered as the deepest sinkhole. However, it is deeper than the Chinese news agency Xinhua News Agency reported. Gartake deep in the ocean is the name for its dark blue color. This part of the sea, the sun could not reach all of the color is darker than the rest. It is also called the cave is located in the sea.
However, in August, 015 of China’s sanasa Ship Research Institute for courses in Coral Protection ‘Dragon Hole’ started researching. The 426-foot-wide sinkhole has come up with the news. It is so deep that the whole of the Eiffel tower can be inserted inside yourself.
Underwater robots help researchers measure the depth of the sinkhole was. It has been possible to measure the depth of the sinkhole via video light. In the absence of oxygen in the water and it will not be able to live a life, researchers have claimed. Chinese researchers gave the name of the sinkhole The sanasa yongala Blue Hole “.
Holake sync with the aim to protect and further research would continue, according to China’s General Research Institute for Ship sanasa protekasana of coral researchers.