A few days before Independence Day, ie on March 6 in the afternoon, along with his wife and children suddenly think they went for a walk hatijila hathat excuse to eat ice cream and put it on my little girl now do not buy him ice cream, and there is no escape for both of the two daughters of two of our husbands stri Two of the four, having bought ice cream. And like five o’clock in the afternoon. We are eating ice cream in a small ten to twelve years old at the time of the strike, I say give me an ice cream. Chira boy wearing a shirt and dirty
Hapa stri my pants fall to the ice cream at the ice cream at the end saw the boy then asked me to pay ten rupees. I do not delay with the boy’s hand from his pocket and gave it ten out of money. He took the money and ran a stop some distance away while I was staring at us in the face like a sorcerer’s smile went away .The country
There are thousands of children eating an ice cream samarthatuko purchased there.
Who will stand them? The society has a responsibility towards them?