Bangladesh Liberation War was committed in 1971 against the then West Pakistan and East Pakistan armed struggle, map of the world in which Bangladesh emerged as an independent nation. On the night of 5 March 1971, the Pakistani army in East Pakistan in the form of a people’s war of liberation as well as the destruction falling into the War of Independence began. The Pakistani military junta of March at night many ordinary citizens, students, teachers, intellectuals, police killed. Was arrested in the 1970 general election landslide sankhyagaristhataprapta Awami League leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the head of the Bengalis. Before his arrest in the early hours of March 6, he declared the independence of Bangladesh. Parikalgapita across the face of the genocide started pratirodhayuddha; Save the lives of nearly 1 million people took refuge in neighboring India. Pakistani military forces in East Bengal Regiment, the East Pakistan Rifles (EPR), East Pakistan, police, military personnel and above all the English people the freedom to free the country from the control of the Pakistani military build fighters in a few months. Guerrilla fighters continue to battle the Pakistani occupation forces harass the country makes. During the liberation war of Bangladesh’s economic, military and diplomatic support received. In early December, when the Pakistani military collapse became anibarya, to divert the situation of Pakistan declared war against India. Hence directly involved in the war of liberation of Bangladesh and India. Mukti Bahini and the Indian armed forces in the face of a concerted attack on the Pakistani military to hold back paryadusta and decided to surrender. Pakistan’s 93,000 soldiers of the racecourse on December 16 officially surrendered. Through the nine months ended bloody war; English established the nation’s first independent state of Bangladesh.<span title=”পাকিস্তানি ডুবোজাহাজ পিএনএস গাজি যা মুক্তিযুদ্ধে ডুবিয়ে দেয়া হয়।

“>Pakistani submarine PNS Ghazi, which was sunk in the war.

The background of the War of Independence
In August 1947, the Indian subcontinent became independent of British rule in India was divided into two separate and independent of the state. The area consists of predominantly Muslim Pakistan and Hindu-majority areas of India and other religionists. Two thousand miles apart in the newly created state of Pakistan is comprised of two provinces – East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and West Pakistan. In terms of geographical and cultural similarities between the two parts of the mobilization of accession at the interval was only the religion of the majority population. <span title=”পাকিস্তানের জন্মলগ্ন থেকেই এর পূর্ব অংশ পশ্চিম অংশের তুলনায় নানাভাবে বঞ্চিত হতে থাকে এবং স্বাধীন বাংলাদেশের জন্মের আগ পর্যন্ত দীর্ঘ ২৩ বছর ছিল পশ্চিম পাকিস্তান কর্তৃক পূর্ব পাকিস্তানকে শোষণ-বঞ্চনার ইতিহাস।

“>From the very inception of Pakistan, parts of the eastern part of the West than to be deprived in many ways long before the birth and 3 years of independent Bangladesh was East Pakistan from West Pakistan history of exploitation and deprivation.

The plight of East Pakistan
East Pakistan to West Pakistan was economic disparity. The lion’s share of the total national budget was allocated to the rulers of West Pakistan, West Pakistan janyapakistanera. Western regimes in East Pakistan is bimatasulabha. East Pakistan is a victim of extreme economic deprivation. For this reason, the people of East Pakistan and the people of Pakistan are in despair about the distraction of grain tether.Searches can be seen in the background of the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1947. From the very inception of Pakistan, East Pakistan to West Pakistan exploitative behavior. Not only economic exploitation, persecution began on English culture and heritage and is the first example of Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah arrived in Dhaka declared that “Urdu and only Urdu shall be the state language of Pakistan.” Along with the Bengalis in East Pakistan rose in protest against the announcement. On February 1 for every 195 tibratama the guise of this movement. The police was shot and killed by Salam, Barkat, Rafiq, Jabbar and others. Pakistan’s rulers in 1956 to recognize Bangla as the state of Pakistan. Today, the world is celebrated as International Mother Language Day on February 1.
The military disparity
Pakistan’s military Bengalis were neglected. Only 5 percent of the entire force of the armed forces in different parts of the English officers, and most of them were technical or management positions. Very few English officers were commanding position opportunities. Pashtuns, Punjabis, Bengalis or Pakistanis believed the West like “brave” is not. Although a large part of the budget allocation for the military in Pakistan, East Pakistan would have little benefit. India-Pakistan war over Kashmir in 1965, adds to the feeling of insecurity among Bengalis.
Political inequality
Despite the greater part of the population of East Pakistan and West Pakistan monopolization of political power in the country. Due to the optimal distribution of power on the basis of the population of East Pakistan and West Pakistan, “one of the unit theory as” the beginnings of a new concept, where the West is considered to be a province of Pakistan. Pakistan’s sole objective was to bring the balance of Eastern and Western parts of the votes. The funny thing is that after the independence of Bangladesh in Punjab province of Pakistan on the basis of the distribution of the direct vote of the population, however, was the Punjabis Sindhi, Pashtun, Baloch or any other tribe in Pakistan than the majority. Pakistani rule starts from the beginning of the conspiracy, and the conspiracy played a key role in the military. Whenever any of the leaders of East Pakistan, as Sir Khawaja, Muhammad Ali Bogra, or Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy was elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, the West Pakistanis were dismissed them as no more excuses. General Ayub Khan regime as an excuse varying took over power in Pakistan in 1958 and has introduced more than 11 years of autocratic rule in Pakistan. Pakistan’s military rulers seized power in the West immoral to exacerbate the gap between East and West Pakistan.
1970 cyclone response
1 November 1970 Bhola cyclone in the coastal regions of East Pakistan made a strong surge, due to the high tide of about 500,000 to 300,000 people were killed. The exact number of casualties is not known, but it is one of the deadliest hurricanes in history is considered. But Pakistan’s military government emergency relief operations after the devastating natural disasters that linger. Those who survived the cyclone after they die due to lack of food and water. A week after the cyclone disaster, President Yahya Khan could not understand why the government recognizes the relief could not be handled correctly. Storms hit the Pakistani government to people who look at the cruelty of the people of East Pakistan became enraged. 4 November at a meeting of the President of Pakistan, Maulana Bhasani against the alleged inefficiency and demanded his immediate resignation. For the first time in the history of a country is a natural phenomenon are the major causes of the civil warElections 1970
The final dramatic political situation in Pakistan, Pakistan’s first general election in 1970, when it faced the biggest party in East Pakistan, East Pakistan Awami League gained an absolute majority. 167 of the 169 seats in East Pakistan team that won a majority in the 313-seat National Assembly has the right to form the government of the Awami League. But the second sankhyagaristhataprapta leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan’s prime minister, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was opposed. He proposed the two provinces will have the two prime. “One unit structure” of the people of East Pakistan angered by such innovative proposals for a new outrage. Even Bhutto, Mujib’s 6-point demand was refused. On March 3, the eastern and western parts of Pakistan, the President, with the two leaders met in Dhaka to decide the fate of the country. However, the talks are not fruitful. Mujib called for a nationwide strike. March 7, 1971, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in Dhaka Race Course Maidan (now Suhrawardy Udyan) delivered a historic speech. <span title=”এই ভাষণে তিনি ২৫শে মার্চ জাতীয় পরিষদের অধিবেশনের আগেই বাস্তবায়নের জন্য চার দফা দাবি পেশ করেন:

“>March 5 of this speech, he said the National Assembly was submitted for the implementation of the four-point demand:

Immediately martial law to be lifted.
To go back to the military barracks.
To search for the exact number of people killed.
Before the National Assembly on March 5 to hand over power to the elected representatives would be.
Sheikh Mujib proclaimed his historic speech, “The struggle this time in our struggle for freedom, this struggle to the struggle for independence.” His speech, to freedom of the whole nation is crazy. Sheikh Mujib’s Awami League won the general elections in 1970, gained the right to form the government, but the government of Pakistan’s military power in the hands of the people of East Pakistan were not willing to give up. Although the National Assembly on March 3 date, but inside the West Pakistani leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan’s President Yahya Khan and military officers of the conspiracy woven blueprint. March 1, 1971, the date of the scheduled session was canceled for any reason 3. The patience of the people of East Pakistan were outraged by the decision to exceed the limit. Protests exploded across the country. March into the city of Dhaka. Bangabandhu 5-day strike across the country and called for non-cooperation movement. East Pakistan was virtually paralyzed for the rest of his call. Curfew imposed by the military government tries to control the situation, but the bullet can not be removed from the highway scare Bengalis. 5-day strike on March 7 at the Bangabandhu delivered his historic speech.
Mujib-Yahya talks
When the anger raging throughout the country, and with Sheikh Yahya Khan came to Dhaka to discuss the development and transfer of power. But at the same time the military has to accept extemporaneous genocide in East Pakistan. General Tikka Khan, known as the Butcher of Baluchistan is passed on as Governor of East Pakistan, but no English judge did not agree to the text of the oath. East Pakistan troops and weapons to be brought. March 10 to 13 in Pakistan Airlines canceled all international flights in the East Urgency “public passenger transport” service. The “official passengers” were almost all white attire of the Pakistani military. MV Swat, a Pakistani ship loaded with ammunition and weapons bhere port. But the seamen and port workers refused to unload the cargo. East Pakistan Rifles fired on a group of English protesters refused to run, which was started by English soldiers mutiny. Despite the high hopes Mujib-Yahya talks are not successful. <span title=”২৫শে মার্চ রাতে পাকিস্তানের প্রেসিডেন্ট ইয়াহিয়া খান পাকিস্তানী সামরিক বাহিনীকে বাঙ্গালি নিধনযজ্ঞের সবুজ সংকেত প্রদান ক’রে সন্ধ্যায় গোপনে পশ্চিম পাকিস্তান যাত্রা করে।

“>On the night of March 5 the President of Pakistan Yahya Khan, the Pakistani military Bengali nidhanayajna give the green light in the evening made a secret trip to West Pakistan.

People’s war and the onset of genocide
On the night of March 5 the Pakistan military launched Operation Searchlight ganahatyayajna name. According to the Asia Times,
Armed Forces of the officers of the meeting, Yahya Khan announced that “three million Bengalis kill, and they out of our hands to eat. The plan as March 5 at Pakistani army launched Operation Searchlight, beginning the intention was Bengali resistance Demolished. Meanwhile, as part of the military Bengali forces disarmed members were killed, and the rest of the students and intellectuals were killed indiscriminately killing people in other countries of the world do not reach the goal, so that hayahatyakandera News March 5, before the foreign journalists were forced to abandon their country. However, journalist Simon Dring at the risk of life, whether in Dhaka told the Washington post reported the massacre through the rest of the world. however, this massacre was the main focus of Dhaka, killing Bengali whole country is run. University halls of residence in their millions. the only Hindu residential hall – the Jagannath Hall Pakistan army completely destroyed. it killed 600 to 700 residential students. However, the University of the Pakistan army denies any kind of cold-blooded murder of the Pakistani army major at the university, according to the Commission Hamidur Rahman was force. Jagannath Hall and Halls of Pakistanis killing other students took the picture bhidiotepe then East Pakistan University of Engineering and Technology (BUET present) and Professor Nurul Ula. Hindus in Bangladesh are facing the loss of the special areas. Before midnight, covered completely burning, especially the Hindu-majority areas in the east. <span title=”২রা আগস্ট, ১৯৭১ টাইম সাময়িকীর প্রতিবেদন অনুযায়ী, "হিন্দু,যারা মোট রিফিউজিদের তিন-চতুর্থাংশ, পাকিস্তানী সামরিক বাহিনীর ক্রোধ ও আক্রোশ বহন করছিল।

“>The August, 1971, Time magazine reported, “Hindus, who have a total of three-quarters of the refugees, the Pakistani military was carrying anger and malice.

The Declaration of Independence
Texas basabasarata documents relating to the war fighter and sangrahaka Rahman Jalal said, “According to the information received from various sources and documents to prove that, in the early hours of March 6 announced the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Bangladesh’s independence, which was declared to be her or someone else before giving a lot. Mujib-Yahya Yahya breaks gopane March 5 meeting in Islamabad to go back. After the genocide and Pakistani troops arrested the night of Bangabandhu and his five loyal assistant. Before he declared the independence of Bangladesh grephatarera to write. <span title=”মূল ঘোষণার অনুবাদ নিম্নরূপঃ

“>The announcement of the translation is as follows:

“This may be my last message, from today Bangladesh is independent. I urge the people of Bangladesh, wherever you are, with all their army of occupation
Continue until the end of the resistance. <span title=”বাংলাদেশের মাটি থেকে সর্বশেষ পাকিস্তানি সৈন্যটিকে উত্খাত করা এবং চূড়ান্ত বিজয় অর্জনের আগ পর্যন্ত আপনাদের যুদ্ধ অব্যাহত থাকুক।

“>The latest to be evicted from the soil of Bangladesh and Pakistani troops continue to fight you until the final victory be achieved.

Through a variety of declaration
5-March, all journalists from the Pakistani army in Dhaka hotel intarakontinentale confined two days. Bengali independent radio station [EN announced that “seven and a half million people in East Pakistan, Sheikh Mujib Bengali nationals has been declared a sovereign.” Over the last three decades of independence, the broad debate about who was the announcer said. <span title=”এই কারণে ১৯৮২ সালে সরকারিভাবে একটি ইতিহাস পুস্তক প্রকাশিত হয় যাতে ৩টি বিষয় উপস্থাপিত হয়।

“>198 For this reason, in a history book officially published 3 issues are presented.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman wrote in a declaration on March 5 in the middle of the night or the early hours of 6-March.
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s declaration of independence on 6 Bengali are broadcast from radio stations. But the limited people heard the broadcast.
East Bengali Regiment, Major Ziaur Rahman at Bangabandhu Sheikh mujiburera the 7-March declared independence from Kalurghat. Which promotes the international media, as a result of the world may know about the declaration of independence. The announcement was as follows: [3]
“On behalf of our great national leader, supreme commander of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman do hereby proclaim the independence of Bangladesh. It is further proclaimed that Sheikh Mujibor Rahman is sole leader of elected representatives of 75 million people of Bangladesh. I therefore appeal on behalf of our great leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to the government of all democratic countries of the world specially big world part and neighboring countries to take effective steps to stop immediately. The awful genocide that has been carried on by the army of occupation from Pakistan. The legally elected representatives of the majority of the people as repressionist, it is cruel joke and contradiction in terms which should be fool none. The guiding principle of a new step will be first neutrality, second peace and third friendship to all and anonymity to none. ─ May Allah help us, Jai Bangla.
<span title=”অনুবাদঃ


“Our great leader, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Bangladesh’s commander, I declare the independence of Bangladesh. It is also announced that seven and a half million people in Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the only leader elected representatives. I have been all over the world due to our great leader, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the biggest democracy in the world, and especially to the neighbors have been asked to take effective action. As a result of the attack on Pakistan’s army has begun a devastating genocide. Oppressors legitimately elected representatives of the people, it is a cruel joke and a lie that no one should be fooled. The main steps in the settlement of disputes among the first to be neutrality, the second nor the third peace with everyone and anyone about bandhubhabapanna is ignorance. ─ be with God, winning Bengali.Provisional government
April 17, 1971 for the conduct of the war was the formal establishment of the provisional government of Bangladesh Meherpur in Kushtia district, sub-division (of the district) in baidyanathatalara bhaberapara (current frame) in the village. In the absence of the president, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the government was formed. Acting President Syed Nazrul Islam was the responsibility is vested in the prime minister Tajuddin Ahmed and over. Bangladesh’s first government was sworn in in front of local and foreign journalists officially began duties. The swearing-in ceremony for the reading of the Declaration of Independence on March 6 in the country was officially declared as an independent sovereign state.
Liberation: July to September
Pakistani forces on April 10 after the genocide in Bangladesh to bring their master plan. But members of the military and students, and ordinary people build up a strong resistance against them. Chittagong English soldiers and members of the EPR rebels took control of large parts of the city. Pakistani forces in control of the city of Chittagong from their ships to attack ships and aircraft. Kushtia, Pabna, Bogra, Dinajpur districts as rebel forces took control of English. Later, a large number of Pakistani soldiers and those freed by the end of May to astrasatrera occupied. The villages from late March, the Pakistani military began to spread. Awami League supporters and especially the Hindus were victims of their wrath. Crowds of people began to flee towards the border with India. The stream of refugees that began in April and continued until November at the nearly one million refugees took shelter in India.Battlefield structure
The first phase of the plan and embarrassed wars of liberation. To prevent the country began on March 6 and April, beginning of May, the government was formed in exile. But astraprapati and training – designed to combat the independence of these two forms of June to get the pass. The military command was made on July 11. Colonel MAG Osmani, the commander-in-chief, Lieutenant Colonel Abdur Rob, Chief of the Army Staff and Deputy Chief of the Army Staff Group Captain AK khondakarake and was appointed Chief of the Air Force. Bangladesh is divided into a total of 11 sectors, and each sector of Pakistan Army officers who had fled from the commander is selected. 1 Sector in Chittagong and Chittagong Hill Tracts from the Feni river until Major Ziaur Rahman (April – June), Major Rafiqul Islam (June-December), the Sector Noakhali, Comilla district Akhaura-Bhairab and Faridpur and Dhaka, part of the Major Khaled Mosharraf (April September), Major ATM <span title=”হায়দার (সেপ্টেম্বর-ডিসেম্বর)

“>Haider (September-December)

3. Sub-Sector of Sylhet district of Habiganj, Kishoreganj subdivision, Akhaura-Bhairab rail line from the north-east part of the district of Comilla, Dhaka Major KM Shafiullah (April-September), Major ANM <span title=”নুরুজ্জামান (সেপ্টেম্বর-ডিসেম্বর)

“>Nuruzzaman (September-December)

4 Sector eastern Sylhet district and Khowai Shayestaganj rail line east and north, with the exception of the major roads in the country-Dauki CR <span title=”দত্ত ৫নং সেক্টর সিলেট-ডাউকি সড়ক থেকে সিলেট জেলার সমগ্র উত্তর ও পশ্চিমাঞ্চল মীর শওকত আলী

“>Sector 5 Dutta Sylhet Sylhet district in the north and west of the road Dauki Mir Shawkat Ali

Sector 6 Rangpur District and part of Dinajpur District Wing Commander MK <span title=”বাশার ৭নং সেক্টর দিনাজপুর জেলার দক্ষিণাঞ্চল, বগুড়া, রাজশাহী এবং পাবনা জেলা মেজর কাজী নুরুজ্জামান

“>Bashar 7 Sector South Dinajpur district, Bogra, Rajshahi and Pabna districts Major Kazi Nuruzzaman

Sector 8 of the Kushtia and Jessore districts, Satkhira Daulatpur road area and the northern part of Faridpur Major Abu Osman Chowdhury (April to August), Major MA Manzoor (August-December) 9 Sector Daulatpur Khulna-Satkhira highway and Barisal and Patuakhali districts Major MA Jalil (April-December the first half), Major Affiliates (the remaining days of December), Sector-10, there is no regional boundaries. Navy commandos formed by. For the destruction of enemy vessels were sent to different sectors, 11 sectors with the exception of the Mymensingh and Tangail and Kishoreganj subdivision unfortunate-Aricha Fulchhari-Bahadurabad far from the river bank areas and Major Ziaur Rahman (June – October), Major Abu Taher (October-November) , flight Lieutenant Hamidullah (November-December), Tangail, Mymensingh and Dhaka from Tangail district in the whole sector of the country’s entire airspace, air Siddiqui group Captain AK Dr Sector 10 was commander-in-chief (C-in-C) direct supervision, the navy and the C-in-C was included in the special forces. However, there was no officer 11 Sector (Water Sector), there was a sector commander; The freedom to run the operations of the sector in the sector, under the commander of Sector thakatenamuktiyoddhadera he had most of training camp and the border area with the help of the Indian freedom fighters were trained. To fight the war front three brigades (11 battalions) are made. Also, about 1,000 guerrilla fighters trained in various operations in the country were sent on a regular basis. Itihasika starts from August attack, the attack is known as Operation Jackpot I.