There are many kinds bikini. Some of these types are very stylish bikini. Two bikini bottoms, which is the width of common cloth hop-joint and above the breasts and buttocks are covered. A few types of body bikini tops that cover a large part of which is covered in most cases, only the portion of the breast. Which is also topless, bikinis are considered. However, it is literally in the two-square swimwear. There are many types of different design variations due to hybridization is known as the bikini dress. For example, monokini (Monokini), which is uddhansa, c buy (Seekini) is made of transparent or translucent fabric bikini, tankini (Tankini) in tank top with matching bikini made similar nimbabhaga, kyamakini (Camkini) kyamisolera primarily to the integration of a bikini anywhere, and haikini. Since the start of several centuries of fashion still exist, and the twenty-first century, a new style has emerged. However, in 1910, a bathing costume (Bathing suit) with a bikini-clad woman is very difficult to imagine khomjata matches.
Urddhanse bikini cut style of different types and variations are introduced. For example, tape-style neck, which is a little more urddhangake provide cover and support. There are also types of phitabihina urddhansa or French byandu (Bandeau), which is like a tube top,. There is also covered by the urddhansa triangular cloth, cover with large breasts. There are more, such as brassiere style push-up bra tops kapayukta, and the more traditional triangle cups, which holds the shape of the breast. Bikini bottoms style, cut, and the amount of cover, depending on the different kinds, complete underwear that might be like. For example, in the case usually anywhere from modest briefs, shorts, or skirt to wear as little jhulasaha briefs, thong bikini and complete form of expression is used. The style is tight in the narrow sides, such as V-cut (in front), there are French cut (parsbiyabhaga relatively thick and long), and there are low-cut string (tied with ropes on both sides) are lower. A major fashion show in 1985 appeared similar urddhansa crop top, which was named top krapada tyana. It was a new version of byanduksera be mixed with conventional arms. The most common ones are in the style of the bikini, monokini, tankini, string bikini, thong, slingshot, minimini, teardrop, and micro.