O brother, you wake up …… ..
You wake up in the crowd …… ..
Youth youth wake up ……
The drug is not power
He is addicted to drugs
The loss of a brother and sister
Do not have no fear.
Say no to drugs
Applied a new world average
They all hold hands
Do banned drugs.
Wake up
Oh youth, you wake up
People want to be honest
Moder only beautiful bright future.
Wake up stories and poems
Wake up brothers students
They wake up sister student
Jago News News letter
Wake up in the media
Wake up at the University College.
Moder one language
One would expect
That will win
No drug is.
Hundreds of young beautiful life like youth
We want everyone to come forward mind.
Countries are incorrigible incorrigible
<span title=”ওরে সময় থাকতে জাগো সোনার বাংলাদেশ ।

“>I can stay awake during the golden Bangladesh.

Time is standing up against drugs
Young brothers and sisters do you fear him kichera
If you have life, she is incorrigible incorrigible corruption.
………… Against drugs.
Resist it, and fear not.