6314To many it is a mark Intelligent be written, I know. Smart People So, please, stay away from their responsibility.
In fact likhatite basini give any figures, someone did not want to convey the importance of survival. Why is alive !! It is understood as any normal people, less than a ronin do not understand. Otherwise, I understand that he is a stupid idiot. Bhabasamprasarane kid would, “ready to die if necessary, that is, the right to bamcibara his” little or no reason, and now I want to die, there is no right to live on earth. Hey Dad, I will have problems in life. Janmaicha you in this world, not even Mars. So here there are problems, there are solutions, there is happiness, there is sorrow, there are tears to soften jarajari, collapsed to the ground to have a habit of falling down laughing. <span title=”তাই বলে কি আত্মহত্যা করতে হবে নাকি?

“>So what will kill it?

And the Life tinaeija iyut, two very dangerous time. All of a sudden in front of tinaejadera moves to a new time. He can delight like children, adults reach out to freedom. Parents, friends, to share with anyone is difficult for him. He was dipresa. And as a result. . .
Iyut of the time even worse. The new sunglasses the eyes, fan grows back, into the hands of a certificate of freedom. I think the world will always arbitrarily. Expectations cuna to drink from the khasalei think, “What is the benefit to be alive …” Mom bakase, Suicide tax dispute with gf .. Happen? Etempa to suicide. BF held phone? Roof jump eat. Section with a friend? Eat poison. Or failure to avail himself of taste, eat sleep sleeping pills. <span title=”আরে আজব তো, দেশে কি আর কোন সমাধান নাই?

“>That’s strange Hey, what the country has no solution?

According to the country’s middle class, the upper house of the suicide tendency more children. Why? Ever heard of stealing a rickshaw suicide? Or the head of household or a lady could not walk too? No, not heard. Because they do not like you lutuputu, their lives are at war, no one wins and one loss. But sometimes the white flag up, say, “I can not do it …”. What if your teen? Yes, you may say that when the time comes to such a situation, there is no way .. There is more to life when it seems like nothing to you. Yes, I know, many people have the time to go through the situation. I think this is the end of the needs of his own !!!
But that suicide can no longer be needed option. There is no way you really ???
There, right in front of you. Let’s open the eyes, a black and white colored earth do we need to try to draw on the canvas? When someone does not remember that you are still yourself. Janenao do not have, you still laugh, some are still waiting for you. Just have to find the man. <span title=”আশে ছেড়ে দিলেন তো হেরে গেলেন।

“>I gave up and went around lost.

Suicide is a hobby? Why not? Simpyathi for anyone? For love? Or for revenge? There is no act or deed, sajabo so grave for yourself, this calculation unfounded? Think about yourself, the more unnecessary, the world will continue its laws, you are going to die today, next 3-4 days will be a great cry, the people that you love, tears will. Then everyone forgot everything will be normal again. Milad on your death benefit will be the highest but what ?? So throw away your astitbata made !! Or you could do without the hobby suicide in Los Angeles then? Think carefully before taking etempata Just ask yourself, and yourself. <span title=”উত্তরটা না হয় নিজের কাছেই রাখুন…..

“>The answer is not the place to yourself …..

However, do not ever try to write such a serious post. Even if the words are at least one or two people who take suisaide etempa concerns raised, concerned that maybe ..