Brahmaputra and Jamuna rivers flooded, but the water has continued to increase stabilization. As a result, Gaibandha, Jamalpur, Bogra and Sirajganj districts, the flood situation has worsened. Dewanganj flooded Jamalpur railway. BMW dhunate simulabari flood control dam has cracks. However, in the next few hours, the flood situation in the district to improve flood forecasting janiyechenaanyadike flood-affected areas has to be severe shortages of food and clean drinking water. After several days marooned in the public and private sectors do not receive any assistance at this time durgataratai water flooded the area prayapta prisoners, as well as the amount of dry food and clean water. Water Development Board’s flood information center, but a glimpse of the water of the Ganges and Padma rivers to increase the reduction to the river Goalanda janiyechenaara points in the last 4 hours, 17 centimeters of water has increased. As a result, Rajbari, Manikganj and Munshiganj to Shariatpur district and adjacent Kurigram and Surma rivers inundate low-lying haccheanyadike dharla kushiyara reduce the flood water towards improving the situation in Sunamganj. Around Dhaka Buriganga, Balu, Shitalakhya, including forecasting and warning center said that the rise in river water. But one thing we should not forget our relatively high flow of water of any river, which crosses the direction arrows are natural or artificial. Water flooded the plains surrounding the arrow beyond the suffering of the people, because usually becomes. And so the flood plain since the desired agricultural assistants, and the loss of control that can not be exceeded, or loss of, or the crime that is less important to notice that the water control board to keep track of or krtapaksake habeecharao each year in advance of the flood mausumagulote
Measures will be taken so that people in the flood-affected people durabhoga elagulote is less.

This year’s floods have so far killed 14 people. One of those Rangpur, Kurigram two, Jamalpur and Gaibandha four is seven. In addition, until July 9 lakh 93 thousand 496 families in the flood, and 14 lakh 75 thousand 615 people have been affected. Nine thousand 314 houses have been completed and 1 thousand 371 were partially damaged.