An asteroid heading towards Earth at a great speed. It can even cause death might hurt the world that astronomers think. It is running at a speed of 63000 miles per hour. The asteroid was discovered in 1999. This will be broken down between the Earth and the moon. This cosmic event to occur in 2135. Scientists fear the loss will be huge. <span title=”মৃত্যু হতে পারে বহু মানুষের।

“>Maybe many people died.

NASA researchers said Dante Laureate, in 2135 there have been concerns in the asteroid impact. Science has come a long way already, so he would be able to turn the asteroid’s path. He also felt that it would be possible to save people. His hope, gravity tractor would be discovered in 150 years. And what can be done to prevent the asteroid. Equal to 3 billion tons of explosives hit the “bennu.