Achilles is a character in Greek mythology. Iliad by Homer’s Trojan War epic background of the war hero Achilles, as well as the central character is the best yoddhamane, heroes assembled against Troy by Achilles was the most sudarsanaparabartikale According to legend, the entire body except for his heel of Achilles was invincible. Despite the weakness of the Achilles heels of the legends mentioned half immortal. Goralitei poisoned arrow struck Achilles’ death. The Achilles heels of the term to mean a person’s principal weakness is common practice.

Achilles was the nymph Thetis and King Peleus miramidana children. Both Zeus and Poseidon Thetis was a suitor. This is due to the intense competition between the two was. Arekadike was predicted that Thetis would bear a son, and be delivered much more than that of his father. Prometheus warned Zeus of the predicted fire fetching thetisake the gods decided to abandon the marriage and her marriage with Peleus denaadhikansa puranakathara events like this have been described differently ayargonatika upakathaya another book has been brought before the lasciviousness of Zeus, Hera, but indirectly Thetis Thetis <span title=”হেরার বৈবাহিক বন্ধনটির প্রতি অত্যন্ত আনুগত্যপরায়ণা ছিলেন বলে তিনি ঠাণ্ডা মাথায় জিউসকে প্রত্যাখ্যান করেন ।

“>he was so loyal to Hera’s marriage bond was coolly rejected him.

Achilleis- written by Statius in the first century AD According to a fragment Achilleid sadyojatake indestructible when Achilles was born Thetis try to stiksa the river was once submerged. But that’s part of the ankle part of the jeyai dubiyechilena water goes from the Thetis Achilles. However, other sources could be found to support this story. And it is not clear whether that was known prior to this version of events. According to a statement of the child Achilles, Thetis anointed him with ambrosia and whole body on fire in order to hold the mortal part of his body was destroyed. Thetis and Peleus, he obstructs angry and abandoned both father and son yanayadio Achilles Statius ago none of this ajeyatbera sonanani story. On the other hand, being wounded Achilles in the Iliad Homer described the twenty-first episode of such pelaganera piyoniyana son called war warrior Achilles ayasataropayusa skyamandara river. <span title=”তিনি যুগপৎ দুটি বর্শা নিক্ষেপ করেন যার একটি অ্যাকিলিসের কনুই ছুঁয়ে যায় ও ফিনকি দিয়ে রক্ত বেরিয়ে আসে।

“>He cast two spears at once, which can be an Achilles’ elbow, and the jet touched with the blood comes out.

Nor epic cycle khandakabye Achilles whose death they are found saipriya miletasa composed of arkatinasa aithiopisa and iliu parasisa and lece mitilena composed of the Little Iliad. However, the general reference ajeyatba or his famous weakness can not be found anywhere else. Later vase paintings presenting Achilles’ death, where is showing one of the arrow struck her dead body hacchepeleusa Mt. parbatanibasi sentyura ciranera entrusted Achilles to fend.

Sing, goddess, son of Achilles’ rage ballad peliusa
That is cursed for grief and anger over eciyanera.
Achilles is the only mortal felt tantrum. Sometimes his anger was planetary. But other times he did not want to jurate easily. The humanization of Achilles by the events of the war is an important theme of the narrative.
Once the Trojan is a journey without a pre-conceived plan to stop the Greeks ruled by King Telephus maisiyaya. As a result of the battle, Achilles wounded Telephus the war. Many attempts of his injuries was not sarale King Oracle, or turn to the oracle. The prophet, which was hit by the injury heal. When the king heard the words of the oracle at argoya Telephus. The Achilles heal him on condition that he raised will guide them on the way to Troy.
Iuripidasa written a play about Telephus about losing some of alise disguised as a beggar, according to Telephus and Achilles prays to his wounds appeared to heal. Achilles refused to allow him to have no medical knowledge. The hostage was arestesake Telephus. He demanded his release in exchange for help in healing the wound Achilles. The wound was caused by the spear Odysseus barsai must be able to heal it. Pieces of the spear when it was played over the wound and Telephus was healed.