Conch kite

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The conch is a well-known bird kite. In addition, throughout the Indian subcontinent, Bangladesh, Australia, Indonesia, the well-known bird. Its scientific name, scientific name: Haliastur indus. It belonged to the family of a bird kite.

Conch kite ayaksipitridi family members. The length of 76-84 cm .. Rivers, more water can be seen around them. The shell-like white head, neck, chest, abdomen feathers talara rust on the vertical lines are short and the long primary feathers; Lip small, round tail always dagayukta; If the wings of red, cream-color, brown and black, and the lower part of the body with multi-line; Tail and wings are always the same length. So I understand the name of the gulls! But the brown wings and other parts of the body. Chile has an average length of 48 cm sankha


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