Soviet MiG-29 DF-ST-99-04977.JPGRussian-made MiG-29 is a fourth-generation fighter aircraft. For reliable performance has been nicknamed phulakrama. Mikoyana Design Bureau in the early seventies by the fighter aircraft design, and then Soviet Russia in 1983 AD, the Air Force fleet of aircraft are added. A fourth-generation supersonic jet fighter MiG-9. Of the Soviet Union. This made the Soviet Union and the Soviet jet fighter, the most discussed issued by the State is considered as art. It can be used for all kinds of weather. This is useful for ground attack. <span title=”দীর্ঘদিন ইউরোপিয়ান কান্টিগুলোর ফিয়ার ফ্যাক্টর ছিলো এই মিগ ২৯।

“>The MiG-9 was a long European kantigulora fear factor.