Ancient Greek religion and Greek mythology, twelve Olympian gods, the temple of all the gods and goddesses of the pantheon of twelve mounted. The twelve gods halenah
1. Zeus
5. Athena
6 Apollo
7. Arthemisa
9. Aphrodite
10. Hephaestus
11. Harmisa
1. Hestiya or dayanasasa
Hadesa and sometimes twelve Olympians parsiphonake to mind is one. Most of the stories, however, are not included in hadesake because he was a resident of the underworld place, and he never lived in Olympia, or the twelve Olympian karenanitabe ideas Dodekatheon who lived on the mountain, also known as the Olympic Games. Alimpiyanara war of the gods against the Titans won their superiority. Greek or Roman mythology, the god of the twelfth to the idea so far is the most ancient one.

And the king of the gods of Mount Olympus sasakah sky, lightning, power, law, justice and the rule of god. Titan Cronus, the youngest son and rear. Emblems Zeus the thunderbolt, eagle, oak, rajadanda and balance beam. Hera, Zeus’s brother and husband, although he had some lover. Zeus pasidana, Head, dimitara and hesatiyara brother.

Hera or Juno
He is the queen of the gods and goddess of love and marriage. The symbol are as follows: peacock, cuckoo and cows. The youngest daughter of Cronus and rear. Sister and wife of Zeus. As a lover of Zeus and the goddess of love, he often took revenge on their children.

Pasidona or Neptune
The sea, the god of earthquakes and jalacchbasera. Its symbols include: horse, bull, dolphin, and trident. Cronus and the rear middle child .. Nereida emphiraida, like the other gods, she had a lover

Demetera or Ceres
The fertility, agriculture, nature and the goddess of the season. Its symbols are as follows: Poppy flowers, barley, torch, cornucopia and pigs. Son of Cronus and rear floors.