A Facebook account open for several years, and the real name of various types of chatting with friends. Religion, politics, and various AMAZING kamenda and like a post in the digital era of the computer’s jammu was besa different types of Facebook friends hang out and do not understand the first use of the Facebook Friend rikuyesta active could not be done without a lot of different types of tacharao in addition to his girl friend to a lot of different kinds of stories and poems read posts AMAZING This agreement can be found in all social media. In this world there are people of different colors, such as those people living in different ranao.

wanted to comment, but it was not like anyone else, so he sat opposite comments, or the person who committed the attack, the real name because he thought Mr. jammu though some did not comment on the first few days after running ebhabe Mr. jammu one day, I realized that this can not continue for long. Mr. wakeful state jammu her dream is to go to the jagatecale. Her dream was to be based off of the @ jammu jammu’s father was a dream, the dream of prince @ prince of the new Facebook ID.


Jammu’s post would not have one before. And a lot of time at the point of thinking etaata mityura sometimes out of fear of the police station jail AMAZING sometimes afraid of these things, and to comment on someone else’s post or comment could not respond. He wrote the text for anything else, Mr. jammu would not have seen any written or jammu’s session was not much to speak of the hitato jammu’s new name @ dreams of love poetry, as much the story of the little prince’s politics and started AMAZING post jammu Mr. likhagulo slowly began to be hit.

to extend the comment made by taking the fun begins. Now, the real name of someone you know or someone jammu sahebeke Is there no way to identify him. Mr. jammu and enjoyment are utilizing the opportunity.

Text to be translated into Bengali