Despite the efforts of various human rights organizations in this unjust torture could not be stopped. But what kind of are forcing upon them? Let us assume that we are a part. What goes around the world with the prisoners inside the jail.

For example, the United States’ Guantanamo Bay prison, where prisoners on a prison notorious for torture and inhumane. The prisoners were detained without trial and prisoners with the aim of collecting information on the different types of water-boarding, including the type and level of nircayatana hayaniryatanera run so high that some of the prison called hell on earth. Despite worldwide protests continued in the jail due to the use of torture as a violation of human rights, it has been described as a shame for Americans 00 was established in jail. Outside the United States mainland Cuba in the Caribbean Sea, south-east side of the position. Published on January 14th in 01 telebhisanera Al Jazeera reports that 800 prisoners after the release of 171 prisoners held at the prison in various countries. US anti-militant operations related to the prison for suspected spies and terrorists and detained citizens of several countries. According to the prisons without trial for eight years after the detention of 198 people in more than 130 prisoners have been proven innocent. So far, only 6 trial and convicted prisoners have been possible.

For example, where the prison to visit relatives bandeira nihschidra through it a little bit or at the net. Words can be heard from one side to the other side, just like a small locked room in a little known nasela prisoners were made to sleep. He will have trouble but the cell if the cell is usually ten to twenty, thirty, or sometimes less, but may be higher than that.

At the end of the day, while at night they sleep during the summer and during the winter, because there is no word has been one of the top ten places to sleep ekajanera only twenty to sleep.

There are also some other types of violence, such as those who are not given the mandate to keep asking bicaradina excluded as punishment for their dekha the face veil is the key to the mouth and nose, and pour in the water, feeling the breath of time prisoners he was sinking in the water. This technique is used in the United States during the confessions. Indian police are reported to have used this strategy.

Nor is impossible stanabrnte and groin painful electric shocks to torture. Perhaps this is common practice all over the world. The nature of the torture of prisoners to be oppressed do not have any signs of injuries on his body.

Day after day, the prisoners did not sleep for four or five days in a row prisoners did not sleep for a minute, until his physical and mental condition could be easily understandable. Then someone pulled him to wake up like that, then the question as to the mental stress he is not lying.

The fight is breaking out between inmates of the jail inmates who authorities. They deliberately deceived the fight with the other prisoners. Such clash took place a long time, until the death of some detainees. It is also a type of torture.

White Noise sounds like a high-volume continuous read any word in any high-volume continuous form was read, it was torture. Your house through the loudspeaker of the prisoners were forced to listen to the sound.
Nor intentionally planned to be served poor detainees were prisoners of the forbidden foods to eat. America is forcing a lot of this type of cell. Fed up with the violence seen many bandii prison authorities promised to correct their behavior.

The drug from the drug weakens the nervous man. As a result, the effects of drugs on behalf of the people lying in a planned response to any inquiry becomes almost impossible. <span title=”১৯৬০ এর দশকে আমেরিকার গুপ্তচর সংস্থা সিআইএ-র পরিচালনায় এইভাবে ড্রাগের মাধ্যমে বন্দিদের কাছ থেকে কথা আদায় করার চেষ্টার পরিণামে বেশ কিছু বন্দির মধ্যে মানসিক ভারসাম্যহীনতা দেখা দেয়।

“>In the 1960s the drugs administered through the US spy agency CIA detainees to extract confessions from prisoners Several attempts ultimately led to mental imbalance.

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