In short, the creation of pornography for the purpose of sexual stimulation or yaunasankranta detailed description of the contents of the portraits. Pornography may be presented using a variety of media are included in his books, periodicals, postcards, photographs, sculpture, drawing, painting, animation, sound recording, film, video and video games.

Over the past few decades, the production of pornography, as well as the consumer goods industry has developed a large bhogake center. The VCR, DVD and the Internet, and the widespread use of sexual content appearing in more liberal attitudes of the society is one of the reasons for this growing industry. Pornography pornographic film actor or actress is called. They are generally known as porn stars. The quality of their performance is usually different than the mainstream actors and actresses. Pornography is a genre of popular hobbies in this industry, and it is distributed free via the Internet may be printed in more than one medium thakeparnographira literature, photographs, sculpture, drawing, painting, animation, sound recording, pornographic movies, videos, or video games. However, sexual activity in front of the audience when treated in accordance with the definition of pornography is not known. Such behavior means that pornography does not mean that the conduct of the account. For this reason, sex shows and striptease is to be included in the national pradarsanike nadesabhede pornography industry as well as pornography, nudity, photography exhibition and the cultural, social and legal perspectives difference maker hayasampratikakale features found evidence of addiction to pornography.Pornography is stationary light commercial photography or pornographic images like pornography, sexually explicit content, but it is obvious nayaete mainly through sexual-naked and naked Crew and enthusiasm are yaunadrsyera.  actors or models in a variety of magazines and nude pictures samacarapatre hayatabe shown directly reduce the pornography male or female genitals are not shown. This kind of art film from the perspective of aesthetic nudity is used.Pornography addiction is a psychological model proposed by which the negative physical, psychological, social or financial consequences occur, despite the consumption of pornography to a person struck by compulsive sexual activity is explained. And the growing attraction of cybersex paritosana ingitanirbhara response test evidence saktisalikaranamulaka features gechesamasyaprabana viewing pornography on the internet, which refers to the ways of viewing pornography for personal or social aspects of a person and society from harmful interactions with other members to see the back of the spent precious time allotted for is. People may be addicted to depression, social isolation, job loss, unemployment or social life of addiction to pornography or harmful due to the financial crisis many difficulties and suffered parenaparnographi samasyaprabana watching pornography as a recognition of the disease, there is no universally accepted criteria for diagnosis Diagnostic and published in 2013 the fifth edition of the Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-5 as the only samasyaprabana acaranika gambling addiction has been set criteria for diagnosis. Drug addiction is a lot of criteria to determine the specific behavior, such as constant cintabistata Sections, loss of the ability to control behavior, drug tolerance, drug dependence, drug withdrawal symptoms, and adverse psychosocial consequences, and so similar. However, the diagnosis criteria for diagnosis of addiction and other acaranika has been determined that the diagnosis of drug addiction based on common standards.Losses due to viewing pornography
Many see the evil of pornography. By viewing pornography regularly unwittingly hurt his own men addicted to pornography purusaprathamata dispose of elegant women generally feel hinammanya and characterless. When women know that any man known her watch pornography on a regular basis, about the bad attitude he was born. And tried to avoid him.
Second, emotions are degeneration. Those who regularly watch porn movies to their taste becomes distorted. Samparkaguloteo distortion of normal life, seeking their own knowledge cokhatrtiyata pornography regularly see men lose bastabatakei. They hope that in real life partners. Women in general and they are not sufficient. As a result, peace and happiness of life is lost taderaparno beauty heroines artificial artificial behavior. Makeup, lights, and cameras which are shown karasajite mohaniyabhabe them in real life, can not be found. Therefore, in most cases, porn fiends to lonely or unhappy family hayacaturthata regular viewing of pornography, who developed a habit of distorting the application of the additional health and sex life increases the risk of many problems it faced a fearsome hayapancamata drugs. Porn addiction drug addiction as a terrible movie. Hard to get rid of addiction, such as pornography addiction is difficult to get rid of. Porn addiction is bad because of the family relationship, the study of Talent hayasasthatah porn addicts even own a mobile phone, computer, pen pornography is everywhere. Sometimes these can be caught in an immoral thing to the family. As a result, porn-addicted person is to be humiliated. The Circle of friends is a good thing to lose.Both men and women in pornography, sex utkalpanara provides fodder. However, X-rated images and film utkalpanika sense of happiness and healthy as well as much of the damage and the impact of different types of hormones on phelemanasika conditions asaktimulaka emissions, as well as the tendency to create pornography. As a result of serious harmful effects of pornography in our brain can read. The more you have, the more your mind will want to see parnagraphi. Both through normal sexual intercourse and porn movie called dopamine in the brain is secreting hormones. The influence of this hormone in our brain to create a happy feeling or sense of Pak sukhanubhutira regular porn Viewing sbalpabiratite repeatedly emissions brain dopamine sensitivity to this hormone may lose effectiveness. In a study published in the Journal of Psychiatry 014 jeemae claimed niyimita porno movie came at a time when you see a lack of sexual stimuli to the brain, which means the same paretara come down to more normal levels of sexual stimulation, to maintain the rate of emission of dopamine’ll need. He will also need to watch more porn movie. That study found evidence of Germans. Psychology Today published another study 011 to meet the requirements of the extra dopamine means that people who watch porn movie on their sexual excitement or enthusiasm at a steady pace for the ultimate in empirical case is unusual parabeparna yaunacarana Viewing movies like Men gradually lose sexual sensitivity and thakeparnographi sexual arousal naturally lose the ability to create a young generation who suffer depression bedroom. Those who regularly watch porn movies porn brain shrinks probably have to shrink their brain. Karechenamastiskera according to German researchers discovered that part of the sexual stimulation and sense of sukhanubhuti additional porn movie ansatukeu gradually reduced as a result of the first researchers to come gabesanayai thakeoi regular physical damages relations with porn movie got out. However, it is possible that more and more people who watch porn movies in a special type of brain they were born with. Like drug addicts become porn addicts mind in 2013 when Cambridge University study found porn movies porn fiends at their brain scans, such as light machine otheyesaba young online pornography addicts, they saw them as provocative pictures of the brain lights up like a Christmas tree . Gechemastiskera recent study found that previously formed part of the enthusiasm and sense sukhanubhuti is part of the drug addicts and porn addicts are both high active thakeera happens one year after another study at the same university, who are accustomed to from an early age shows porn movie the three parts of the brain are more active than those who do not parnaasakta.