Before the release of 45 million income ‘bahubali-tura!

মুক্তির আগেই ৪৫ কোটি আয় ‘বাহুবলী-টু’র!

Have been waiting for. Go to the khunata know why? Are you surprised! What do you think of murder? If you’re getting more and more clearly. The question is, why did they kill katappa bahubalike?
Yes, I know this is uttaratai. But when? April 8 this year, 017. Yes, reader, got it right. It will be released the same day “to bahubali. According to the director Karan Johar tweeted.
“Bahubali 015 on the first episode was released. The film was entered into the commercial history of the Indian cinema. Because the world was 600 billion-dollar business bahubali. The film has already sold 45 million dollar Theatrical Rights. Before the release of fell into it, “bahubali Part tuo. The box office success of the film will be fierce, and it goes without saying.