Rio de Janeiro Olympics opening: red-green-handed Siddique

রিও অলিম্পিক উদ্বোধন : সিদ্দিকের হাতে লাল-সবুজ






The colorful event officially inaugurated the world’s biggest sporting festival in Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Bangladesh during the opening ceremony started at 5am with dance. Samba, Bossa Nova and Brazilian dance tradition phankera, tropical forests, and the diverse population of the Maracana stadium. Nearly 5 centuries before Europeans set foot showcase the journey from Brazil.
Brazil’s 300 million TV viewers around the world called on the world to take care of. To protect the Amazon rainforests in the world came calling.
After the fireworks festival field athletes came to the point. Afghanistan comes first alphabetically. At the end of all the Brazil.
The Olympic flag was the first athlete to qualify to take part directly in the hands of Siddiqur Rahman. Galaphe contest for the Award.
Interim President Michel Tema their first Olympics in South America, Brazil inaugurated.
Carry the Olympic torch brings Brazil’s former tennis player Gustavo kuyertena Stadium. Three-time French Open champion was the number one player in the world at the beginning of kuyertena 000. The highlight of the Olympic masalata ayathaleta bhanaderalei The Lima.
Organizers feel that, on the occasion of the Olympic Games will be more than 5 million tourists. However, the day before the opening of a total of 75 million of the 10 million tickets remain unsold tickets.
Terrorist attacks in different countries in terms of the additional security measures have been taken at the Olympics. Several Olympic venues, the Olympic Village, the airport and main roads will be responsible for the safety of about 55 countries and 85 of the security, which is almost double compared to the Olympics in London 01