BANGLADESH DHAKA: Bloggers striking religious sentiments of the text. Militants kill people and society, the state, the loss of humanity Bangladesh police chief AKM Shahidul Haque said.Saturday afternoon, the National Press Club, “Amar Paper ‘on the occasion of the 14 years age, militancy and terrorism: the role of community policing and the media,” Inspector General of Police in the discussion on Bangladesh’s chief negotiator, said the statement.

Recognizes the important contribution of young people aitisaha He said, “Some young people involved with militant organizations and others worried adarsita free. Thinking of endangering the peace. “Bloggers Islam and the Prophet (peace be upon him.) About the type of abuse that can not be expressed in words he added.

Why are the youth of Paradise, greed directly to find out what would be involved in militancy IGP said, “There was an idea before the sons of the poor and the Madrasa involved in terrorism. But this concept has been proven wrong over the past few. Militants are becoming educated sons. The boys are being educated militant greed directly to Paradise. That is why they are wrong to think that our concern.In this case, we have to work.

Militants detained and interrogated several times by the available data, he said, “The militants will establish the caliphate under Sharia law. They are man-made does not mean the law or the Constitution. That’s their problem. They will fight the polytheists, apostates, hypocrites, against infidels. The militants have meant any of the four categories of people will be killed. You can go directly to paradise. This is the jihadist dream of paradise.Muslims are killing. ‘

These young ‘hypnotized’ comments are removed, he said, “They do not want to live after being arrested. They put me to death, will go to Paradise.You taguti power, the apostate, you’ll go to hell. ”

Once motivate terrorism Someone once said it can not be reversed. The detainees did not have any effect IGP explained many times. However, before the motivation to work with young people, he said. He said, “We have to build a social movement. And it has to start from the family. Parents need to monitor their children close. To maintain the spirit.The educational institution has responsibility. ”

Shahidul Haque urged to come forward to prevent misinterpretation of the religion scholars. He said young people with the wrong interpretation of religion is bipathagami. Just to give a correct interpretation of the religion.However, scholars can contribute significant. ”

It’s a conspiracy to destroy the Muslim IGP said, referring to Muslims, “Jewish conspiracy against Islam. Aeiesa organization like the Muslims are being killed by the Muslims. Jews made aaiiesa. Now, however, speaks against the State. But who is helping them. We all know who it with their weapons. ”

In the meantime, the political parties on the national unity of the IGP said. He said that national unity is to be sitting together. Including all political prevented if everyone is from the US.There is no need to sit down together for the formation of a national unity. The ‘My paper’s editor, presided over by President Haji Alauddin were present, the Department of Information Technology Secretary Shyam Sunder Sikder, Chief Information Officer AKM Shamim Chowdhury of Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists, the newly elected president Hassan Bulbul Monjurul invited guests were present.

Banlameilera 4 Correspondent / RJ / US