What is the punishment of rape in any country!

ধর্ষণের শাস্তি কোন দেশে কেমন!Each country and society, rape is assumed to be the biggest and despicable crime. As punishment against hate just is not rape. Again, this is where it is assumed that economic disorder. This punishment comes down to life as a result of various types of hazard attacked. <span title=”অনেক সমাজেই এখনও তাদেরকেই দোষী বলেই ধরে নেওয়া হয়।

“>They are still a lot of society is assumed to be guilty.However, several countries in the world where there are serious penalties for rape. Let’s take a look at how some countries punish rape.


Kamiunijime into believing the death penalty for rape in this country. As soon as the sentence is no evidence of rape, the death penalty. The effect is very fast.


Were hanged, shot or set. Thus Dharsakake to be punished in this country. Because they feel guilty, not raped, was found guilty on dharsakai.


When it comes to remember the Taliban regime in this country. But the strange thing is very low rate of rape in Afghanistan. However, you have heard the horror of rape will be punished. Because rape is caught Dharsakake straight shot in the head.



Depending on the physical condition of the victim is convicted rapists are here. However, after being caught and at least 15 years in prison if found guilty. If the offense is serious, it can be increased to 30 years .


North Korea:

Only the death penalty for rape in this country. Accused, arrested, and then complain when the shot is Dharsakake.


Saudi Arabia:

Here are horrible punishment of rape. Dharsakake was beaten to death in this country openly. And so much less than the number of rapes.