bangladesh 9 cases of sabotage Pirates bail

 নাশকতার ৯ মামলায় খালেদার জামিন

Police in the capital Dar es Salaam is not a case of sabotage has granted bail to BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia. On Wednesday (10 August) Kamrul Hasan Mollah Dhaka Metropolitan Sessions Judge’s Court granted bail. Meanwhile, the number of martyrs of the Liberation War bitakirta accused the court took cognizance of charges against Khaleda Zia. <span title=”মামলাটিতে বুধবার অভিযোগ আমলে নেয়ার বিষয়ে এবং খালেদা জিয়ার উপস্থিতির জন্য দিন ধার্য ছিল।

“>The case took cognizance of charges on Wednesday and was set for the presence of Khaleda Zia.

Defence lawyers take charge during the period of the application, the court took cognizance rejecting it. However, the court granted bail to Khaleda Zia purbasarte. At around 1 pm at the Dhaka Metropolitan Sessions Judge’s Court reached. Then entered the courtroom. 1 of the cases before the court, his lawyers filed Zia appearance. 9. After the hearing she would appear before the Special Judge’s Court-II Hoisneara. <span title=”সেখানে নাইকো দুর্নীতি মামলার অভিযোগ (চার্জ) গঠনের শুনানি হবে।

“>The Niko corruption charges (charges) will be hearing.

The Special Judge -9 Amirul Islam Mollah, he will appear before the court on a regular basis Barapukuria coal mine corruption case. Finally, the Dar al-Salam Police Station 4 (3) of the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court seeking bail in 15 cases. Return home at the end of the hearing on the bail petition of BNP chief. 10 am, 15 minutes before the Gulshan residence ‘Turquoise’ to the court from the BNP chief left.