Microsoft Windows and Linux computer operating system this is always a comparison between two users is a major topic of discussion. Currently, the user’s desktop from the world’s most popular and most widely used Windows operating system. On the other hand, Linux is the most advanced, and is a free operating system. Linux drivers for a variety of computer hardware and software manufacturers are now creating. The two operating systems are not only the desktop and personal computers, servers and embedded systems market is the competition seriously enough.
Compare this with the Windows operating system family of three. Although it is mainly centered on the NT family. Everyone has their own kodabeija and design. <span title=”সেই পরিবারগুলো হচ্ছেঃ

“>The families are:

1. Windows and Windows for workgroups Windows 3.1 (DOS-based), Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, and these versions are currently sold in the market are not from Microsoft, and Microsoft does not provide services to their sales.
2enati family, such as Windows 000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 003, 008, and Windows Server. Microsoft is all set to launch the service on behalf of the bikroyattara.
3. Windows Embedded family. <span title=”এগুলো বিশেষ অপারেটিং সিস্টেম যেমন: উইন্ডোজ সিই।

“>These particular operating systems such as Windows CE.

Linux is applicable to different types of CPU. 32 of the IA (i 386 and the next generation of computer processors), eksa8664 (Intel 64-bit processors, computers), the Itanium side, emaaipiesa, PowerPC, ARM, and others. Although the current generation of the Windows kernel emphasis on the first three. Linux CPU types in the case of application of the desktop, and server, router, set-top boxes, PDA, mobile phone, etc., are being used in various devices. Historically, the market started their Windows Embedded POS (POS) terminals through the use of the DOS operating system. One MB of memory during the current Windows CE kernel may run down. Windows CE operating system using the Windows platform atopisi, Windows Mobile, portable media centers, and industrial equipment, and embedded operating systems. What drimakastera Microsoft Windows CE operating system is used to run some games.
Microsoft Windows market, the world’s desktop computers, and personal computers have a single dominant. Microsoft’s desktop market share is about 90% occupied, and 007, according to estimates, 66% of Microsoft’s operating system has been sold to the server computer (though it has been used in all cases where evidence was found) the amount of income sarbharera According to a survey of 007 kiu4 Microsoft owned 36.3% and 127% occupied by Linux. Seen as one of the 009 driven until June, 88.6% of the world’s most powerful super computers are powered by the Linux-based operating system. A December survey of 008 of the world’s top ten web hosting company powered by Linux, which is a relatively powered by Windows.
Linux and Windows in the philosophical, prices, limit the use of power, there is a difference in terms of stability. Although duksetrai identify their weakest aspects of trying to come out of it. By comparison their history, origin, user, marketing, etc. There are also differences. Linux is the use of a general weakness in the bandhubhabapannataya deficit and complexity, where the main problem is that Microsoft Windows viruses and malware.