All of us, a kind of rose-known symbol of beauty and love of flowers as a symbol of modern man .. Favorite One type of the genus Rosa Rosaceae family tree of the rose bush has blossomed. There are about 100 species of flowering roses of various colors. Uniform aesthetic appearance and style of rose petals, which attract people. The sweet scent of roses favorite. However, there is no smell of roses on its own. There is no ability to produce the smell of roses. In addition to the different colors of roses grown golapibarna point onwards, red, yellow, white, green, etc. Formerly the “Rose Garden of the production of hybrid roses being. Paparite simultaneously on two or more same-colored flowers can be.
Rose has its thorn tree trunk. There are small spines on the leaf edge. Rose originally Asia. A few of the original species living in Europe, North America, and northwest Africa. <span title=”ফুলের সৌন্দর্য ও সুবাসের জন্য গোলাপ বিশ্বজুড়ে বিখ্যাত।

“>For the beauty and fragrance of flowers, the rose is famous around the world.

There upakathaya Greek goddess of love Venus rose from the blood of the birth of the feet. There are stories of Arab golapake Bulbuli white roses bird strain of the bird spends Bulbuli Bulbuli wounded bird was born from the blood of white roses red roses. Vishnu in Hindu mythology, Brahma, Vishnu, Brahma said the lotus flower is the best there is in heaven a fragrant rose-colored light show. There are so many stories about the rose. <span title=”যশোরের ঝিকরগাছার গদখালিতে গোলাপের চাষ করা হয় ।

“>Jhikargacha gadakhalite roses are cultivated in the district.

Foreign varieties of roses
1. Papa milam
II. Iceburg, Johanesburg
3. Rose gujarda
4. Bengali
5. Queen Elizabeth
6. Julius Rose
7. Dutch Gold
8. Godrej, Sunsilk
9. <span title=”কিংস র‌্যানসন, উল্লেখযোগ্য।

“>Kings ryanasana, significant.

Bangladeshi varieties of roses
1. Fatima Sattar
II. Shibli
3. Rachel Hamid
4. <span title=”পিয়ারী


Using roses
Rose is a symbol of beauty that is not so. There’s also a versatile use. From the rose petals jam, jelly is ready. Percy, China and India, rose water, rose water is used for circulation ghatesugandhira hayagolapa flower subasake hayayemanah utilized to create a variety of cosmetics, perfumes, soap, a ayaromyatika ityadigolape genariyala Alcohol is responsible for the smell of the substance found in the yayaya . <span title=”মেয়েদের অন্তর্বাস ও ন্যাপকিনেও গোলাপের সুগন্ধ ব্যবহার করা হয়।অর্নামেন্টারি উদ্ভিদ হিসেবে গোলাপের ব্যবহার উল্লেখযোগ্য।গোলাপ থেকে তেলও উৎপাদিত হয়।

“>Women’s lingerie and napkins used in the fragrance of roses roses hayaarnamentari use as a plant oil is produced from ullekhayogyagolapa.

The importance of the medical roses
The medical world has a significant byabaharagolapa rose vitamins A, C, B, and E-3, one of which is used as an agent utsagolapajala rilaksim nerves karegolapa fresh petal tea ulcer, asthma, dehydration can help to cure various diseases. Fever, rash prevention and yakrtake good rakheechara Splenomegaly karegolapa tea rose water is beneficial for hair growth.
End the day: If the weather gets 5 hours of sunshine for the roses planted yabenaphula upayuktaati rainfall over the years, usually from November to March from April to August masetabe good time and the best time for planting in May-June to September aktobaraphulera in 60-90 cm deep bed of roses to create hayayekona fertile and well drained land grows. After the afternoon and evening the best time for planting climbing roses before. Niyamitakita reducing early roots as a pesticide in the field of light-water to give mili phalitheyana, bieicasi 10%, 10% DDT, 1 mili melathiyana, paudre midaliu dugrama per liter of water and spray the Black Spot mixed land is less than the pest infection.