Maiseniyanara Aegean sea began to come to khristapurbabdera 1600, 1400 khristapurbabde Minoan civilization, the center of the Cree occupied. The original Greek text, they would not have used the language themselves in Cree Linear Linear B (Linear B) introduced language. Maiseniyanara maiseniya come from the other regions of the Athens maiseniyana, pilasa, thiba, tirana was ityadimaiseniyanara fighters, their graves with the dead bodies have been found buried in the war. 1100 khristapurbabde maiseniyana civilizations are destroyed. Another set of doriyana for some gabhesaka is responsible for the attack, but it found no significant evidence. Maiseniyana after the fall of the Greek civilization entered a temporary Dark Ages. In the meantime, the Greek population and the literacy rate is hruasa asankha father again.