It was the beginning of a dark era in Greece khristapurbabde, maiseniyana through the fall of civilization. Many people blamed for the attack doriyanadera. Doriyana of iron was built with the powerful weapons, which can be overcome easily with the weak maiseniyana civilization. 800 khristapurbabde the Dark Ages lasted until the advent of Greek city state, or until Homer. The kings were too weak to survive the Dark Ages, but was powerless to end the system of the elite, and the elite within the elite is to create more. And in this period due to low iron utensils and brass used to build weapons. Some economic balance between the different sections of the society, as a result of the family to the throne of the kings sinhasanacuta Greek revival began at the end of an era in which kareandhakara Krishna Sea and spread to Spain, phonesiyanadera re-mastered the art of writing comes from the north of Italy and think alcohol gaula spreads.
Ancient Greece