776 khristapurbabde olympic games in ancient Greece is considered the beginning of the events, however, many want to extend it until 1000 khristapurbabda. Old age is the end of Alexander the Great in 323 khristapurbabde death.
Most historians of ancient Greece to modern Western civilization bhittibhumi acknowledged. Greek culture had a tremendous influence on Roman civilization, which are scattered in different regions of Europe. The modern world, language, politics, educational systems, philosophy, art and architecture of the ancient Greek era influence on the generation of knowledge, and the alphabet maiseniyana aparisimaandhakara with time lost in Greece. But at 800 khristapurbabdera nabajagarita Greece phonesiyana causes the appearance of letters of the alphabet Greek reforms. The Greek was divided into smaller cities rastre. East era as the era of old-fashioned union with Greece can be explained. Greece was on the edge of civilization, but under the new AC was not. Greece’s abundant reserves from the east to the era of knowledge, science, silpakalakausala, became rich mythology imports.