The small town of Greece called rastre bibhaktachila palisa, palisa from the meaning of the word paritikasa palisera thing. Nagararastragulo virtually independent of whatever it was. Maybe one city to another city, but the city as a dependent in many ways on each of the sarbhabhauma. As a result, when the city would need to battle with anyone outside the following countries fought the combine, but there were always fighting among themselves.
Greece has the classic shape of the two wars, a Persian Wars (500 AD: E: From 448 AD: E :), ayoniyara Greek cities in this war of civilizations, the Persians and the Greeks rebelled against the territory of some cities, such as Athens and supported.
Persian attack to prevent war and 447 in Athens, a city of christ purbabde diliyana League, a league formed. A member of the Urban League and the formation of a common army soldiers for each member of the public and the vessel was provided. Athens early rastraguloke small cities, allowing the league to contribute to contribute to the force. League separatists began to serve as a crime. After the war, the Persian treasury delasa League and League moved to Athens from Athens is more robust controls. Darayaye such a situation is not wrong to say that the empire of Athens .458 As diliyana League: E: diliyana League and Sparta in the war on parasiyana netrtbadhasi pelopanesiyana League at war. As some 447 years after the Battle of the results: E: two league on a 30-year peace treaty, but the treaty still As 431: E: pelopanesiyana at the start of the war.
The commander Pericles of Athens adopted a defensive war, so day after day, Athens is besieged by the Spartans. 430 AD: R: to fall prey to the epidemic of plague in Athens, a quarter of people die. At the time of Pericles died. The new leadership of Pericles mrtyura took part in the offensive. Philosera war prisoner is able to Athens from 300 to 400 Spartan warriors. The soldiers were part of the Spartan army that is so important to the Spartans were trying not to lose them. Deliyama and emipipholisa the other side of the war, Athens was defeated miserably. Finally, 421 AD: R: Peace on which is known as the Peace of Nicias. As a result of this agreement, the Spartans were prisoners of war and the return of the lost city of Athens emapopholisa back. The first phases of this war is called the War arkemidiyana.